Haggy Drive Train + Bergmeisters — 12s4p — Dual Focbox — Sector 9 Bintang

Hello! 16 y/o from Toronto riding pre-built boards for a while. Been slowly collecting information for the last year or so through reddit & this forum but visited more seriously starting last month.

Thought I’d share with you my first build. Got tired of my boosted board v2+ and wanted something better. So I sold that and built this! Hope you all like it. Currently waiting on the battery from @RedBaron to arrive should come next week (will update the thread when all is running!)

6X2A6797 6X2A6795


Build Inspired By

@Eboosted’s Darth Maul on the Bintang
@egzplicit’s Jet Invasion Votager-X

& the evolve GT Bamboo


All started when I broke my wrist while playing ultimate frisbee, decided I’d take the downtime from riding to build and prepare a board for the summer.


  • First order of business: sell the boosted board.


  • Then, proceeded to do my reading on the forum and compiled a parts list. The parts slowly started to trickle in one by one.


  • Amazed at how nice these wheels are! Tried a friend’s evolve with pneumatics and I was hooked.


IMG_2807_-_Copy IMG_2838_-_Copy


  • Didn’t exactly like the design on the bintang, so I sanded it and bought some spray paint to make it black.


  • After 3 thin coats of paint, this was the result.


  • However… figured I’d top coat it for some extra protection and it wasn’t applied evenly. Ruining the look :frowning:


Next, I clamped it down to mark where the enclosure is going to go.



Then, drilled the holes to put the inserts in. Didn’t tighten the depth stop enough for two of them and accidentally poked through the board :frowning:



Got a friend to help me apply the griptape, design was inspired by @egzplicit. Messed up the design the first time (looks too triangular), so went back and fixed it later.


Test fit in the enclosure to plan out wiring in my head.


RedBaron sent me a picture of the complete battery (blue one) ! The last part to arrive.



Cast finally came off! Wrist feels quite weird… Decided to wear a wrist brace for the meantime (my hand looks really strange in this picture)


In the mean time, finished up getting the cables through the wirelooms and putting together the trucks.


At first I tried a drop through mount, but the motor mounts weren’t long enough for adequete clearance - and I was too lazy to cut and round off the ends of the deck. Decided to top mount for more motor clearance (put a riser on top to cover the hole)



Everything is now mounted and ready to roll. Patiently waiting for the battery!


Test fitted the enclosure on to the deck, looks good! Just got to tighten the screws a little more so it compresses the rubber gasket along the edge fully.


Just discovered @Riako’s motor covers & guards for Haggy Motors today. Will have to get these printed and on the board ASAP!









@RedBaron @Jinra @Flashgod224 @riverside.rider @psychotiller

for helping me along the way and answering all of my questions. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more when wiring everything & setting up the vesc, all the posts about fried vescs have left me very stressed.

Battery is scheduled to arrive Thursday next week. Will update the thread when it comes! For now I’ll have to read and watch videos on VESC settings and such so I don’t fry mine. Will also test the Bergmeisters when board is fully completed! (Does anyone have a recommendation on what PSI to run them?)



Looks great dude!

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This came together really well! I’m glad the enclosure worked out for you. Can’t wait for that battery to get here now. The berg tire itself should have recommended psi rating. I usually run 5 to 10 under max.

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Super build coming !! Great parts chosen, amazing photo shot, this looks perfect for the summer coming :wink:

Can’t wait for your battery too, we want ride photos now :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice build man, good color matching with the red and black grip.


Hats off, seriously.

I don’t think any average joe would be able to build a board with a broken arm. Well done!


Hmm, I pumped up mine this morning at around exactly 60PSI… Should I be worried?

Where can I find the recommended? Checked Haggy’s site but only says the max at 85… or am I just blind?

on the wheel tires it says max 60 :stuck_out_tongue:

It does… Haggy’s site says otherwise though o.o

Maybe the tire itself can do up to 85, but the inner tube only 60? @riverside.rider :smile:

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What a lovely build. Clean and tidy.

This is a nice tutorial to get you familiar with the wring and vesc tool. Good luck my friend.


Nice build and nice to see another builder from Toronto!

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Saw you on the fb group! Did you ever sell your Lacroix?

  • Hoping to see you at rides after your builds are done!

Nice photography. Congrats on the build and the cast coming off. Ride safe kid.

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Didn’t sell that yet, A lot of interest but I’m shying away from shipping it so waiting for someone local. I rode it quite a lot since posting it and I’m having a lot of fun so if it doesn’t sell I won’t be sad at all :smiley:

Despited being on my 6th e-skate or so I never joined a group ride before… not sure why, I guess I feel it’s already super dangerous thing to do on my own so rather do it alone or in small groups for minimum distractions.

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@rusins: Hi there. I have pumped up the tire to 85psi without a problem but this really depends on your weight and the terrain you ride on. 75psi is what has worked very well for me on flats (am 78kg)

Edit: when we had the tires made, the 60psi should have been 65psi…but was too late to change.

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Great! I was worried that i’d have to run them at 50 or something which felt way too low, 60 feels nice, but will probably up it to 75 as well when I get these tires on an electric board. At the moment I’m just playing around with them :smiley:



Looks like you need a reliable remote…

I ride them at +/- 30 psi for a while now, and it’s just perfect for me :blush:
(well, it was mostly the winter season,… maybe I put some more now it’s not mud or snow or dry roads. But works well on kart track too).