HagXis Board | Arbor AXiS 40" | SEÑOR PEPE 90mm Wheels | Kahua Trucks | Haggy Street Kit | 6364 190kV | VESC6 | 12s5Ah | GT2B 3D print

Hey gentlemen,

All simple here : An awesome Haggy Street Kit + some pieces laying around = A super cool DIY esk8 :grinning:

I fall in love for Haggy since I see the Bergmeister AT wheels, and the motor mount (Big fan of the motor locking system + the larger trucks). This looks like the perfect upgrade to replace my Evolve like street and could be able to make a swappable 2 in 1 board!

So the plan is to make the little sister of the Burgunboard that I made with the MAD SURFER part until then.

Summary list of parts :

  • Deck : Arbor Axis Bamboo this time :blush:
  • Trucks : Kahua Haggyboard trucks
  • Wheels : Senor Pepe 90mm
  • Transmission : 15 x 36 T
  • Motors : 6364 190kV
  • ESCs : VESC6
  • Battery pack : Lipo 12s 5Ah
  • GT2B

The package arrives with all pre-mounted,… you just have to check all screw and put it on a deck !

More to comes … :v:


do the bergmiester tires (pnuematics )fit other hubs?

Hows the quality? Been ghosting those truck kits for a while now.

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Sweet deck, love that

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Hey Monkey, Sorry, I can’t tell actually (I would say no/ it looks like no, but I have to test it before!)…

@dareno in hand, it is really awesome! Even better than in the picture :smile: Once I get the Bergmeister wheel, I was sure about what I 1st think about Haggy stuff. And the result seems to be au rendez-vous ! The trucks are sick in real : Like super strong !! And I’m absolutely fan of this wheels colors :heart_eyes:

All look good, feel good, now I have to ride that to could say more!

Thanks, @braeden.dilger1 :wink: when I get the kit in hand and now I’m trying to make something with the other Axis (koa), I want to make something like brother and sister :smile: (photo coming soon!) waiting : this weekend I just had the time to look for something to make a quick enclosure… And it is either to make a fiberglass from a 3D print, a PU mold, or a simple cup. I lean more for the last solution at first, then the first solution when I get time for my printer.

Thanks guys, to be continued :v:


They look so good. Great price point too. I have that arbor deck and I love it. It is a thing of beauty.


Man those wheels look nice. I love the black core with white wall look.


Secretary hoping they’ll do a 97mm-110mm wheel with the same look.

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Exactly! I’m so fanning about this hot rod style :+1: inverted color, but same spirit ^^

@dareno exactly, many good points! I love the deck so much too, I feel free on it (I ride it with the icarus in push during last summer and I keep the loaded for push and buy a second one in case, now I know did well :smile: )


Definitely following this one. Interested how those motors preform.

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Those are reworked hk sk8 motors. They will be good if he backs them up like HK does.

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@dareno: hi there. You are absolutely right…they come from the same factory as the Hobbyking Turnigy sk3 motors…However, they are not the same on the inside as well as on the outside (see the big steel grid on the back side ). Also, there are more screw holes for better mounting options. I am not familiar with HK’s customer service as I have never had a problem with any components that I ordered from them. The only thing I can say is that if you encounter a problem with our motors (or any other components), we are here to find a solution to get you back up and running as fast as possible. Hope soon there will be some feedback from customers that have ordered and used our components. 08


Wanna get my hands on those.

Yes! My motors had some weird sound and timo was quick to send out replacements the same time I sent mine back! Awesome stuff if u ask me.


Flash news :smile:

Still some available with black walnut wood for the EU eriders. 65€ :v:

Edit : No I will not take a 3rd :upside_down_face:

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Hey e-riders !

Ok so time passes fast, I still thinking about the enclosure …

No, I’m not going to dare, but it’s quite tempting :smile: I will try to launch something this WE if I am enlightened by a light of genius by then!

It is good that it rains continuously, it leaves me the time and makes pass the frustration :upside_down_face:


Hey, any more feedback on the Haggy Drive system? Have you ridden them now?