Half a volt difference between lipo cells

So yesterday I took a ride on my electric skateboard, the battery is 6s 5000mah, but the battery died after like 2 miles, and the lcd display read 50% still, luckily the battery died right outside my house so I just went back inside, put the board away and took a break. Then, today I went to take a look at the battery, and I checked it with my capacity checker… Here are some screen shots:

3%… That cell is at 3 fucking percent. The rest vary from 60 - 65%

Anyway, trying to balance it out… Here’s my protective barrier… Lipo bag and ammo box in case it explodes. Fire extinguisher at the ready.

– Keep you updated

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click bait much? 3.4V is still fine for a lipo - not really healthy but reasonable. Just balance it and see how it goes. Is the pack bulged?

Also at 3.9V you cells are way above 65% charged - I’d say your battery meter is crap

No 3.4 is fine, the thing that worries me is the difference between the cells. More than .2v per cell difference can be dangerous. I would say that the issue is the battery capacity meter sucks but I measured it with a multimeter too and it reads the same.

And not really meant to be click bait…

your multimeter does not measure capacity (the percentage you were referring to in your initial post). 3% is meaningless and tells you nothing. Unbalanced cells can happen - happened to me once and after balance charging everything was perfectly fine. Your battery is not “exploding” any minute - so please change your title to something that actually refers to your question (do you even have one?).

I understand your title and post OP. Balance charge and hope for the best.

thanks for changing the title :thumbsup:

Your fine, balance it out. I think everyone is more scared of lipos than they should be. They will not blow up unless you either:

A) Physically cut into a cell B) Over discharge it past 2.7 and then try to charge it (it won’t blow up until you try to charge it C) You over charge it (past 4.25). D) You received a bad (or shitty quality) cell which is internally shorting E) You wire it up to constantly short itself (seriously, why would anyone do this)

So to sum things up, if you wire everything up correctly, and you received a cell that worked for at least a few cycles, the only way you will blow it up is during charging. They don’t just blow up sitting on your desk, unless you got a really crappy, cheap, lipo from a factory that doesn’t give a fuck if it blows up their customers, i.e. the hoverboard batteries. Turnigy, Zippy, ect. makes 1000s of batteries daily, and they wouldn’t be able to keep in business if they burnt down even 5% of their customers houses. Not to say it can’t happen, but almost always, when you see a video of a lipo blowing up, it’s during charging. The other times, it’s a known damaged cell.

So the moral of this long rant is… Lipos rarely blow up if you do things right and don’t over charge past 4.25 or over discharge past 2.7. And even then, it’s during charging that things could go wrong, not just sitting on your desk.