Half-ass DIY With Off the Shelf Acton Blink Board and Enertion Motor

I’m not fully comfortable in building a full board yet, but am interested in it.

My needs are only for a slow 10-15mph, 4 mile ride to a train station, then a 1 mile ride from the destination station to my office when I can recharge again. So I’m not really looking for range or speed

I recently bought a Acton Blink Board which is advertised to have an 800w motor, 6 mile range, 1 hour recharge, 15mph. I like riding it, and it is very light, 13mph on it was too fast and I started to get speed wobbles. So I decided to move the electronics from this board to my Penny Longboard just to see what iot’s like (my only other board was a drop deck) and I REALLY like the ride, so much more stable.

My QUESTION is: Would it be possible to keep the Acton Blink Board’s Electronic box (battery, ESC? BMS?) and just get another motor? Would/could it be as simple as unplugging the three wires from the stock motor to a new motor (looking at the Enertion R-Spec Pro)? I don’t have any specs on what Acton uses for their internals. My problem is that I’m 6’0" and roughly 200 - 210 lbs. A stand still start on this stock motor is not possible and even worst on the heavy plastic deck.

If this is possible with just a simple swap, what are the potential problems?

I don’t want to spend the money building from the ground up and just want to ease into it. The Enertion motor will be re-used in a future build though as I’m planning to give away the Acton this Christmas.

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A stand still start is never a good idea and I don’t understand why you want to change anything when the Acton setup apparently checks everything in your list.

instability is my main concern. It’s shorter than a standard skateboard and a bit longer than a pennyboard and pretty high off the ground. I like it, but after putting it onto the longboard I really want the motor in there instead. ultimately it would be great if I can just swap the battery box back and forth and just have trucks with a motor on each board all the time.

If the connections the same…3 phase wires with bullet connectors … Not sure if the blink board has sensored motor…

Best of you had closer pictures of the board and the electrics … At this point we are guessing

I’m pretty sure they are bullet connector because someone did a review showing how they were coming undone after a while. These the the best pictures I have of the internals at the moment


Nice, I did not expect to see proper connectors inside

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Only truly way to know is to do it…

Let us know how it turns out

It has to be serviceable … So, can understand that…plus ACTON makes other electric products as well…So I think they had some hindsight in engineering this board.

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And since you have it and can open it…easy to reverse engined it … Might as well gave u a map

Im thinking of move everything to my small “longboard larry Humu” when i got it.

When you ride your Blink on uneven pavement, did it rattle? in talking about the sound. I have tried to find where the sound is comming from but i just think it is the board and wheels. Tell me if it helps to move everything to another board.

it does make a rattling noise, I think it’s the battery bouncing inside the enclosure so moving to another board would not make a difference, you can just open it up and put some foam tape inside, that should fix it.

I only moved the electronics to the penny longboard for an hour to see what it felt like. Definitely going to make a longboard, just waiting for VESCs to come in before really committing in spending all that money

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So, if I’m disconnect the black and white connector that provides power to the led’s on the side of board, it shouldn’t damage anything right? I’m striping it from everything that rattles and draw power that I don’t need.

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Noop it works great without the lights! Im ordering a Longboard Larry Humu 26 inch to move everything to that instead.

Thinking about this board. I am 150lbs (68kg). I need to go 6 miles. People are saying that the battery only goes 6 miles in pristine conditions. Does anyone know the specs of the battery? From the pictures it looks like it has an xt60 connector. Would it be possible to replace the battery with a bigger one, or even 2 in series?

Hi @Mikenopolis how did it feel attached to a penny? Do you think it would be worth a shot in a project?

The penny LONGBOARD is a nice ride. But there is flex which is why I went with my current carbon fiber board since I used Enertion’s SP4 battery enclosure.

Are you thinking about putting the Blink’s drive onto a Penny Long? would be pretty simple

Little to no flex as it would be 22" penny. Quite the challenge

not sure it would fit the 22…length or width, would be a challenge

the battery/electronics box actually has a lid. So I would drill FOUR holes on the deck depending on where the flex is all six might damage it when it flexes, push the screw down add a nut (used to keep the lid closed), then the battery, then another nut. The problem with the Penny is that bottom not being flat

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I used to have the Acton, that thing would be really nice with better quality control at the factory.

I have the penny longboard too ($70 at Costco), but it’s HEAVY!! That poor little Acton setup has to push that penny beast!