Half of Maytech dual VESC is dead

Fuckup based out of southwestern Ontario looking for someone who can diagnose and replace either IC or DRVs or guide me on how to fix after I shorted Bat+ and Bat- on the VESC learned my lesson.

Dude, you have a master within your borders. @JohnnyMeduse to the rescue.

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I contacted him on this forum and the other one, hasnt been online in 4 days now. Was just wondering if there was anyone else as the season is coming to an end and am unsure if Johnny still does repairs.

I don’t want to speak for him, but I assume he still does and his work is impeccable. My suggestion is to contact him on Instagram, which has worked great for me in the past. He’s saved four vescs of mine so far and sad to say I will need his help in the future.


I contacted him on Instagram aswell, I’ll give it another week but methinks hes taking a break.

In-demand dude, so wouldn’t be surprised.

I respect what he does and wish I could do it so I totally understand taking a break, just bought some questionable esc’s to use in the mean time.

Afaik the man is balls-out working on Lá Croix these days

Damn, I hope they let him out of the dungeon at some point.