Hall of Fame? Or Wall of Shame?

After today, I think we need a thread to blow off steam! This can be the perfect place to review specific products, claims and ideas. Begin each post with either Hall of fame or Wall of shame. Each post can be polled (for fairness) Info here will become a resource for new builders.


I’ll start!

Hall of Fame!!

SurfRodz TKP Trucks

These trucks have enabled the use of dual 6380 motors! A simple addition of 80mm accessory axles and the skies the limit! you can literally bolt any wheel onto this truck if it can accept 10mm bearings. The hex shape of the hanger is the best available for flex clamp mounts and at $120 for precision trucks you really can’t find a better deal. 10mm axles is a no brainer!


the 2.4ghz mini remote.

having used the nano and maytech thumb controllers, the extra long travel of the mini provides the most control across throttle and braking.



Wall of Shame


Putting trampoline springs on your board instead of taking the time to learn how to ride…Suggesting this is the answer to eliminating speed wobble…Trying to give insight to a longboard forum without any actual knowledge of the sport. Cancer.


Hall of Fame

Carvon V3 and V4 direct drive hubs.

This was a game changer. The design enables you to use any drive hubable longboard wheel from 80mm up to 150mm pneumatics.

No slipping urethane and cooler motors. Now all set up on precision trucks.

Good to nearly 50mph with a 290lb rider! Not hype. Proven. Edit- the v2’s did 49mph. I chose the v3/v4 primarily because they got away from trying to glue urethane to a motor. The new design is true to longboarding wheel technology. Mechanically locked urethane is proven to work. Glued is proven to fall off.


Wall of shame. Someone TM the Vesc


I believe the 50mph build had 4wd carvon V2 149kv hubmotors. I do have a pair of of carvon v3s and can confirm that they are insane. They belong in the hall of fame for sure.


wall of shame, locking the events category.


wall of shame, general chat only lasts 10k replies until it overloads.

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i’ve been too ashamed to ask because i haven’t been able to find a thread or post about it, but how would one go about getting a hold these carvon direct drives?

@thisguyhere The Carvon exo will be on Indigogo soon for $699. You can also order the EVO2 on his website for 2k last time I checked. He’s not selling the motors alone at this time because he needs the stock he has for the completes he’s selling.

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+1 I also switched from thumb controllers and find better throttle and brake control with this remote. I am using MAX6 ESCs, so I need all the control I can get as these ESCs do not have a “soft start”.

Hall of Fame.

Hobbywing Ezrun Max 6 ESC.

One of the top strongest ESCs on the market which are really able to push some juice in real world. Especially for Mountainboards where you need more than usual: 8s 160A continous = 8 x 3,7V x 160A = 4736W Vesc 6 = 12 x 3,7V x 80A = 3552W

Aluminium, waterproof housing and internal programming ability. Squeeking braking noise :smiley: These are reaaaaaally nice to have!