Hall sensor for “SK3-63” series

Selling ajustable hall sensor timing system for 2 x motors with spare fets and wires asking 50$20190314_032741

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These sit out side the motor yeah?

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Yes , 5 minute job to install after you have find the sweet spot for the timing you tight the screws , more degree timing + mean more faster response.

I provided all information to install and tune but its very easy job

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$50 seems a bit much

They originally cost like $10 or $18 bucks, but off course come disasembled. This Hall Effect Sensor Board kits from Equals Zero Designs come in separate pieces that you need to put together, solder here and there, and you also need to pick the correct size for your motor, otherwise if its diameter is to large for the diameter of your motor’s can (no more than 1mm) HAL sensor will not work. They come like in five (5) sizes or can diameters, for 42XX, 50XX, 59XX, 63XX and 80XX motor classes. So is understandable the seller is asking now $50 for the set, he already did the assembly.



2x motor stand ring at 15$ each =30$ 2x hall sensor not assembled for 63XX =30$ 4 x Spare hall 10$ 5$ x2 spare cable 75$ total of parts + 15$ shipping All the parts are sold seperatly when you build this + require a precision soldering


: for Hobbyking “SK3-63” series: These motors are actually 59mm in diameter, btw just check the real dimension of your motor and only good for 59mm

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