Hall sensor location on vesc?

Just got a hall sensor I think it’s called from DIY Question is where do I put it in the vesc ?



Thank you was trying to find this. Could delete thread if you like

Better to leave this thread up for others to reference. I found this pic on another thread under a different topic.


Ha. I remember the first time when I was trying out BLDC sensored. Every time I ran sensor detection, the VESC shuts off like there’s a short. Realised after 2 weeks, I plugged the sensored cord into program/debug port :rofl: and since it was DIY VESC, the sensor port was hidden by the 10awg wires. Had a big facepalm afterwards.


Just installed the Hall Sensor onto the VESC, selected sensor and configured everything with my motor on the VESC Program. But I really didn’t noticed anything different on my ride. Did I do something wrong ? :thinking:

What were you expecting to notice? Before using sensors did you have to foot push to start? If yes check now starting from a full stop. By the way. After configuring sensors did you set sensor or hybrid?

I still have too push. Nothing changed for as all I know. I selected sensor. Hybrid I didn’t a option for that


Will the hybrid be fine with 9s ?

hybrid is compatible with any voltage/setting compatible with full-sensored or non-sensored setup with hall-sensors. And the snwer is yes, 9s is fine.