Halo Board Carbon Fiber Deck For Sale (+Surf Rodz Trucks) UPDATED

Hi Everyone,

Selling a halo board carbon fiber deck. I was originally going to use it to build an other board when I removed the stock electronics and to put in better components. However I’ve decided to move on to a different project.

Looking to get about $160 for it.

The deck is missing 4x M4 counter sunk screws for the ESC/electronics plate that I can’t find at my place. It uses the same screws as the top plate. The rest of the hardware is included.

I will also include Surf Rodz TPK 177m machined green trucks - in great condition. It is also missing 2 nuts and 2 spacers that I happened to misplace. Those are pretty easy to get. I would recommend running Zealous bearings as they include the spacers.

Located in SF Bay Area, will ship only in United States as I do not want to deal with customs and international shipping (unless you can pay extra and help me out with the complexities).

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Cool deal. Unfortunately I am in the eu :confused:

I could ship to the EU or world wide, but would need the buyer to cover for the additional shipping costs.

I would like something like this but I am unsure as to the max size of battery you could fit into that cavity…Hoping to put a 10s5p or even 12s4p…? Is that unrealistic do you think?

The deck supports a 10s3p configuration with BMS. Here’s a photo of the batteries it used as well as the stock inside as a reference. You can easily fit a Unity or 2 VESCs in there without issue. On the rear where the motor phase wires come out, is a spot for a charger port and power switch (go with anti-spark).

Battery dimensions are: Dimensions: 330mm x 140mm x 20.5mm (LxWxH)

The deck has a little bit less space as the Enertion Raptor 1 lengthwise, but also 6mm depth-wise.

Inside%20Halo%20Board%20Stock%20Battery%2010s3p Inside%20a%20Halo%20Board%20-%20Carbon%20Edition

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I just sent you a message

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I Have this deck too, will test to fit a 10S4P inside :wink:

I don’t think a 10s4p pack will fit inside this deck.

That what she said and it did fit

That’s the plan… well eventually. For now I might just stow a notebook in there on my way to class :wink:

From the looks of it, a 10s4p can be fitted. It will be a really tight squeeze. If you do that, I would bypass the BMS for discharge and somehow place it between 2 VESCs as a small BMS will fit. Recommended to look for 4-5A charge, which are small.

If you use a dual VESC or Unity, it may be hard to fit the BMS in. I’ll leave it to you guys for your build. The 5th post has a tear down of the battery for your reference.

Could you please let me know your set up to fit 10s4p to haloboard deck. I’m also a haloboard deck user and my battery builder cant find a way to to fit larger than 10s3p.

hmm Weird, length is enough for me, for a flat 10s4p (even got a little room), the problem was height, which I fixed by using some dense foam on the side to support the weight on the side, not the battery

Show us the picture

Still available??

Is your Halo Board deck still available for sale?