Halo Board Esc/Battery Cutoff While Full Throttle/Load

Hello y’all, this is my first post on the forums. I recently bought a damaged halo board and was able to make custom trucks to mount the hub motor wheels. I have been having a problem with the board at full throttle, it completely cuts off and drops to 14v at the output xt90 on the battery. The board has a built in battery on/off switch in the battery itself. I can reset the battery by pressing the switch off then back on. I also see the voltage immediately jump back up to 38v, or very slowly (.01v/sec)rise back up to 38v (what’s it’s charged at now.) I can’t seem to figure out if this is a bms or esc problem.

probably battery problem

Probably you have bad cells and loose connections, one of the series connections has busted and you are getting voltage sag from the cells being worn out. The only way to be sure is to open the battery and check it, make sure you keep in mind that the CF deck is conductive

If you are in the US I can make a new pack from more robust 18650 cells, I’m making a 12s3p 30Q replacement right now

I opened it up last night, checked all connections all cells ares somewhere of 4.2v except for one 3.6v. I checked these voltages with a multimeter from the bms balance wires to the main output positive. Does this just sound like what was said about a series connection breaking? I really don’t want to spend money on a new battery still the moment. If i had to would i be able to fit a 12s3p in? Along with a bms ofc. Cost?

That rogue group in a problem, it’s a sign the chemistry is less stable then the rest of the pack…if the board is used it’s not really safe to just replace the one group either. The BMS may be trying to protect the battery by shutting down when that group becomes too low and the voltage sag goes away enough by the time you reset it for the board to start powering up

The completed 12s3p 30Q flat pack with a basic bypass BMS and fused charge port (includes fees and insurance) will come to $339, and then the shipping cost which is $20 to $50 depending where you are

First of all, a halo board is really great items for recreational activities, that I would have to say. Reading about your post, you most likely have faulty cells and loose connections, one of the series connections has blown, and you’re experiencing voltage sag as a result of the worn-out cells. The only way to be sure is to open the battery and inspect it; take in mind, though, that the CF deck is conductive.