HamBoard | SCP3 | polar190kv | Enertion VESC-X | caliber trucks | mastercho

Just built this board for my dad for his birthday- he’s always wanted a massive beach cruiser, so when I found this deck at a local beach skate shop, (and it is perfectly stiff!!) I knew it was the one.

The orange and blue color scheme is because he is a University of Florida grad, which has orange and blue as the school colors.

-Enertion VESC X -Enertion SCP3 -Enertion mount -Polar 6374 190kv sensored motor -Caliber blue trucks -orange flywheel clones -hamboard deck -orange mastercho remote (same as previous build, so I just re-used that pic)


Omg the potential wheel bite scares me


Trust me I completely solved it

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I own a pescadito! That hamboard rips. I’m so glad you electrified it. I live close to Huntington Beach and I know the guys who build those big boards.

@barajabali… they make a version of that same board that has literally 4 holes cut out in the deck to accommodate and prevent wheel bite. I’ll have to post a pic. This is the same board but with cut outs that I’ll be electrifying some day.

So excited about this thread. You rock hard @cmatson. Your dad will be so stoked!! :smile:

I originally had wheel bite when using the stock caliber bushing setup as pictured above-

But, I switched it out with with the bushings from another pair of downhill trucks, that aren’t cone shaped roadside.

Without the cone shape, the hanger is prevented from getting its full range of motion, so it stops just shy of the board even with the losest trucks paired with my 210 pound dad. In addition, it provides better stability at speed for my dad, which didn’t really like the stock caliber bushings on my other boards.

@DaviDjembe do it!! This board has to be one of the most fun to cruise around on, and feels surprisingly stable despite the flat top.

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@barajabali @cmatson here’s my hamboard with the cutouts in the board just to check out. I have that board so loose it’s unreal but wheelbite is impossible with the cutouts. Congrats on being the first (that I know of!) to put one of these rippers together :sunglasses::call_me_hand:


It is definitely a sweet board- and my dad is loving it:


Nice build!

that deck makes the space cell look small!

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@cmatson can you post tonur IG page please ?