Hamboards - Reeaally Looong boards

Just came across one of these Hamboards for sale locally on craigslist. Never seen one of these before. First, I lol’d, then I wondered if anyone on earth had turned one of these into an esk8. I was thinking a quad hub drive with a flexible, flat 12s20p battery might fit. Over 2kWh capacity and 100 mile range for the endless concrete wave. Wish I had the money to try this, as ridiculous and over the tip as it sounds.


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I think @Michaelinvegas built a long esk8 similar (not same brand and maybe not quite as long). Hopefully he can chime in and share pics if i’m recalling correctly?

Whole family could ride that thing… :smile:

Yeah, I remember that one. I think that was only 55" and an actual longboard. This thing is like 78" long, 15" wide, and basically a surfboard with wheels on it.

It’s like Ahnold Schwarzenegger next to Shaq. :smile:


Well, I start to wonder where is the line between a light electric vehicle and full size electric… :joy:

for that investment, might as well build a electric go cart thats street legal and shit.

Longboards are for fun. not more than a 20 mile round trip

Damn, you could just lie down on it and drive around or maybe strap on a few lawn chairs for passengers :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you’re talking! Instead of horse rides through Central Park, you could put a seat on the back with a couple Outrigger wheels for stability and give e-longboard rides up and down Venice Beach or something. Or extreme Uber rides for hire. Lol

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Hamboard was one of the first esk8! The ABEC guy (chris?) Built one. Altered esk8 hardware I think. Looks like a ton of fun, but obvs a little impractical

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speak for yourself in ultra skating they go over 200 miles a session, racing. I regularly ride 50 + plus miles on my eskate…just because the industry is complacent to limited range doesn’t mean you have to accept it…

ehh, I cant justify that as a very casual longboarder. to each his own,

Hamboards are hella fun. I have the Pinger, the Fish and Pescadito. With the HST trucks they carve insanely well. It feels like surfing when you are gliding down a slight incline. You have to ride one to feel the difference. Smiles from ear to ear.

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