Hand Lay Carbon Fiber Wrapping / Skinning Without Vacuum Bagging

Just for the looks. If you want to add two layers, I recommend vacuum bagging.

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I added two layers of Carbon Fiber to the top of an omen tango longboard. I did one layer on a Saturday and the second on Sunday. It added quite a bit of stiffness to the 46" board. Adding one layer on top didn’t stiffen it as much as I would like so I added a second layer. I did it so I wouldn’t damage my 12s3p battery and didn’t want to cover up the bottom. We’ve been handlaying Carbon Fiber and Carbon Kevlar for years in our rc boats for strength. I’m not discounting any advice given here or anyone’s way of doing things. Just saying it can be done without the added expense of vacuum bagging. Especially if you don’t already have the equipment and experience. Great job btw MasterCho as always.


Any tips on. Removing the grip tape?

use a hair drier to heat the grip and remove progressively.

Use parchment paper on the deck epoxy won’t stick to it and yes the corners are hard to do without a vacuum but possible

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So I did this…

And it ended BEAUTIFUL! Thanks @MasterCho

I did exactly what you said Base coat Lay carbon fiber Clear coat Clear coat

I did it on an old loaded vangaurd board Then WET sanded from 125 grit,220,340,400,800,1000,1500,2000 grit and finally I buffed it to s shine. I distorted the weave a little but it’s okay it’ll be hidden. The edges kinda fucked up so I sanded them off and I’m gonna paint the sides black. After I do wire channels I’m gonna grip the top and use different trucks to match the board. 3d printed enclosures also expoxied and sanded and painted


Holy shit that’s beautiful


Wow, What a beauty! The matte black cases look really great with the carbon. :heart_eyes:


it looks really great! why did you do it? vanguard too flexy or just for looks?

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I did it for many reasons actually. The vangaurd was way too flexy and this actually helped make it perfect for my riding preferences. Still has a lot of flex in it. Also this deck has been through many different setups and It cost like $200 so I didn’t want to toss it. It had holes like Swiss cheese! So it gave me an opportunity to make it brand new :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words


really nice! :slight_smile:

I like that you give your vanguard one more try, this time with a split enclosure - the joys of hard carving with board energy returns in the right moment will get all of you someday muahaha!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


do you still have the St L file of that enclosure?

Looks awesome! Great job dude.

Thanks man!

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It’s on Thingiverse!

Wow @barajabali nice work!

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Thanks homie! I’m proud of my self for actually doing it. It was a LOT of work. But I’m going to make this little guy single drive, and a travel safe 12s2p battery.


Awesome job with this project! :heart_eyes:

I need your opinion regarding this method, guys. Here’s my question: If I were to cut out a huge recess for batteries, BMS and VESCs in the middle of the road side of a 9ply, 14mm maple deck, how deep could I make the recess?, i.e. how thin would it be possible to get the wood without subsequently braking it when ridden, if I were to do 3 layers of carbon on top and 3 on the roadside using this method?

Please tell me if I’ve made myself clear here :slight_smile: Thanks for help!

CF is soooo pretty to look at.

Is that a Flex 3? how’s the flex now? I have one and it’s a bit too flexy for my liking

This is the question when you carve out a recess for your electronics. Without stress testing and destructive analysis i don’t know anyone here who can say with full authority.

I know i carved out my double thick omen very very thin between the top and recess, but added 2 layers of 12k CF (heavy weight - don’t recall exact), and did a couple more of the typical CF 3k weave on the bottom - FEELS solid, but i also reinforced the edges w/ angle CF tube… overkill i expect.

You can carve it out, do a layer top/bottom and step on it gradually to see if it bends - and keep adding until it feels solid…

There are super smart folks here, perhaps one has a better method?

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