Hand/wrist mounted GT2B mod

I decided to do something different from the usual Badwolf style enclosure: I wanted the controller mounted on my arm. So I made this ugly yet functional prototype.

The trigger is mounted sideways inside the enclosure, and the wire coming out just pulls the trigger. Downside: it no longer has any adjustable braking. No throttle = full brake, which is not as bad as it sounds, but not ideal.

I plan to design and print a proper case for it, but for now it’s at least working better than I expected.


very unique idea! i can picture a sweatshirt on top of it and then know one would know how to operate it! sick

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I’m thinking of something similar than your idea for some time now. Great to see someone just do it!

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This is an awesome innovation @mattdig nice work! Could you replace the yellow wire with a thin metal rod so that you could fully implement brakes? Or maybe flip the controller to fit on the other side of your wrist, spider-man web-shooter style?


How about Finger Remote.

@mccloed made one of these awhile ago. Pretty cool.

The Power Glove was definitely the inspiration for this. Ideally I wanted this built into a Power Glove, which I still might do.

I thought about using a rod for the brakes, I’ll probably try that out on the MK II.

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or you could just have a spring pulling it back, and have the neutral position be midway in your finger flex.

The flex sensor is a good idea, but I didn’t have one on hand and I’d probably have to wire it into an arduino or something.

My biggest concern was making sure that full flex backward was always full brake, in case I bail, since that would be my reaction.

This is cool! I like where this is going! Props for going outside the box, dude!! :v:

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Debating trying to do this with my GT2B remote. But I’d rather have to place my finger in a trigger area versus attached to your finger directly. Attached could result in unexpected reactions as you lose balance momentarily, etc…

It’s surprisingly consistent and hasn’t done anything unexpected yet. The stock spring from the original trigger is a really good weight and it always reacts like I expect it to, even when there’s suddenly random stuff in my way that requires dodging or braking.