Handbrake Mode on Vesc 6

Hi guys does anyone know if the firmware update for Handbrake mode on the vesc 6 has been released yet ??

And how do I activate it ?

My goal is to bring the board to a complete stop even on a slight decline .

Any help please.

Nope, not yet.


Feel free to implement that! It’s open-source


It should also be pretty easy to code, we just need something like a button we can dedicate to applying constant full braking that should only work under x amount of rpm to prevent someone from flying. (We aint ready to fly yet)


Dude a handbrake slide would be so cool

wow. can’t wait.


Just make it kick in after rolling slows to a certain amount, if you continue to hold the brake

Still nothing?

@amms50 not sure for esk8 Wireless ppm use, but for Ebikes you can use ADC 1 for throttle, and ADC 2 for brake. So it might be possible to hard wire a hand brake to ADC 2. Or use a break button that just shorts out the RX to ground. Alternatively short TX to ground and you can use this as a cruise control. http://vedder.se/forums/viewtopic.php?t=419

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Newest vesc tool on newest FW allows for reverse current braking (or whatever it’s called) that applies low reverse current after you come to a stop to hold you even on a downslope. Don’t have too much experience with it yet since it’s new and the weather here has been bad, but seems great in theory.

edit: might be uart only?

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Unfortunately my remote will be connected with uart

Well the problem is that I have a unity and I heard that unity only works on its own app, didn’t try it but would give it a try when my battery is built

P.s: my remote will be connected with uart so no worries :wink:

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