Haphazard mini cruiser : Landyachtz dinghy / 10S4P / Paris Clones / 5065 200kv / Abec11 97mm

I originally wanted to build a hybrid street / pneu trampa carver and bought a few parts but then my plan was radically altered when I bought the Lacroix deck.

  • Street wheels on the Lacroix is not doable without massive risers so I had a set of Abec11 97mm with dual drive pulleys and no use for it.

  • I had a pair of focboxes but then I fell for the ESCape and got into the group buy for a pair.

  • I had a leftover 82cm deck from Leiftech / Neversummer.

  • I had a unused 7S6P Samsung 22P battery with a defective BMS that came with the Leiftech. They replaced it but never bothered to send me a return label to reclaim it, even though I reminded them a few times.

    With all these parts laying around I decided to get into the used parts market, to complete a build with the cheapest parts I could find. The idea being that all the mistakes I would do on that build, I wouldnt repeat on the Lacroix build.

  • Found some Paris clones with a motor mount for 25€.

  • Found a 10€ ABS enclosure - failed experiment from electricboardsolutions.com.

  • Found a dirt cheap Racestar 200 kv motor. Speed is not the goal here anyway.

But when I assembled it all, and got onto it the deck cracked. I shouldnt have stripped the glass fiber top sheet to make it flexier I guess. Silly me.

Started looking on the used market for a deck and found this little beauty, not the cheapest deck I could find but it looks like a lot of fun. Wheelbase being a lot shorter I had to get another enclosure and settled for the little beast enclosure from eskating.eu. I had to reshape it quite a bit with a heat gun because it needed a lot more concave and internal volume I also had to repack the battery into a 10S4P because the 7S6P was too voluminous. everything fits in real tight. the final touch is a vynil white sticker with weave finish. I suck a removing the riddles though.

I can’t ride it yet. My bullet 5.5mm order is still stuck in customs.


This is hella badass. May I recommend a handle under the nose? It’ll be your favorite board

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He could also use the front truck as the handle

Nah, the truck gets all dirty and stuff. If you put a drawer handle in front of it, it’s so much better

The truck can be all covered with mud and grime and the handle will still be clean

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Yeah I guess … suitcase handles also work well

Im building the big brother tugbot, pretty much the same deck just wider, and im packing a lot more harware inside.