Hard time programming vesc with Chromebook

So I’m having a very hard time programming my vesc using a Chromebook. I’ve already gone on to the vesc tool site. Ordered the vesc tool.apk. In which case it gave me 3 files. Vesc for linux, vesc for android and vesc for pc. I of course downloaded vesc for Android. This is where my real problems start. I get to that and it gives me the option of full vesc tool and vesc mobile. I open the full and it’s just more files. I go through all of them and none actually open up the vesc tool just files to read or files that won’t open. I tried the same for vesc_mobile. I tried opening it in github and through ackromaniacs extension. It just leads me to files that I can duplicate but no actual programs. I’m posting this with pictures of what I’m looking at

Now I bought this used so it’s still programmed to whoever had it last. But I’m think I’ll just need the Bluetooth receiver from flipsky and I’ll use my phone. Is that my only option?

Don’t think i have read anyone doing it successfully…

here is an old thread about it: BLDC tool for chromebook

Another topic you might be interested in reading: Looking for chromebook developers for BLDC tool

You should probably get android phone, or Ubuntu or windows