Hardness of stock TB 218 bushings?

Does anyone know the duro rating for the stock bushings that come in the Torqueboards 218mm trucks? I’m trying to decide what I want to do with them, and this information would be super helpful!

Very terrible bushing, just a FYI 170pounds and I tighten the crap out of them and they were still very loose

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I got a pair and one of them has heavy bias towards the left. The bushing is very soft indeed. :zombie:‍♂

@Exiledd_Top They are pretty bad, I already replaced them. I took bushings off a downhill board I had, and pretty much just switched them out. I’m just wondering what to do with the stock ones :joy:

@ZackoryCramer Mine didn’t have that problem, they actually didn’t feel soft at all for me. I wonder if the manufacturing process is just terrible?

Stock bushings on every truck suck…

No one should ever use stock bushings… Except calibers as they are blood orange…but probably not tuned for your weight/ride style.

Stock bushings = footstop candidates

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Never even tried them I have the almost prescision kit for Caliber trucks from Miurskate and they use riptide bushings and it’s amazing how much better and stable they ride now.

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got back to me, they are 95a. I’m certainly not using those bushings, I agree stock bushings are generally pretty bad. I just thought this was good information to have!

I’m with @Deckoz on this, stock bushings on clone trucks are good for nothing. I’m loving Riptide Krank bushings on my TB218 with Caliber II base and also on my Liquid precision trucks. Also using the precision washers like @Battosaii.

What to do with old bushings, I wish I knew…


Melt them down into one big super bushing?

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Sounds like a hair style from the 70s :grinning:


Use them for door stops

Put one in someone’s ice tray to confuse the heck out of them

Children’s necklace making

Causally toss one in the stew during the holidays


I’ve never used any after market bushings, should prob try em out


lots of footstops…

door stops is good but too, right up with the old truck toilet roll holder pic I caught the otherday.


Image result for skate truck toilet roll holder


Image result for skate truck toilet roll holder


Image result for skate truck toilet roll holder


Since we’re at it…

I used my old bushings as cat toys too… They bounce in random patterns when you throw them…


I am liking the fat cone krankz bs and krankz barrels rs…helps with such a wide truck with so much leverage…I wish these took tall barrels and tall fat cones…they need it…what is the pivot again? The Indy size or caliber size? I need to replace those too…I have 2 pairs of torque 218 now for testing dual setups…

Or the latest… Bushings a a wire loom… Can’t find any old cups laying around though to make a nice lip to keep the wire down… Hmm. Must find cups.


Necklace for the loved one in your life even if that’s you :joy:

Actually on Etsy that’s easily $200

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