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Harkonnen - TB motor/mount/ecs - zippy lipo - caliber 10" 44 - random deck

ok so far I’ve had one build that was good for what I wanted. It was a all torqueboards build trucks, wheels, mount, the only thing that it didnt have was a torqueboards lipo :wink: .

Like i said it worked… till i broke my arm riding it

after the arm healed i jumped and and started to ride again… til it blew up…

SOOOOOO new build

so the new build is using

  • blankdeck i grabbed off of (torqueboards 34" deck for now)
  • caliber 10" 44 trucks green
  • torqueboards 12s ecs with ubec
  • torqueboards v1 motor mount
  • torqueboards 230kv motor
  • torqueboards 12t motor and 36t wheel pulley
  • 90mm flywheels and bearings from torqueboards site
  • 2X zippy 3S1P 5000mAh batteries

so yeah thats my build cookie to who knows where the name is from.

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If you mean why torqueboards is in most of those names it’s because he owns the company and that’s his username on ES and here

is that a 9mm or 15mm wide belt? make sure that the belt is 100% on that wheel pulley, picture isnt doing it 100% justice but it looks like the belt is just slightly off of that wheel pulley. Also I had the 12T to 36T setup, let me know how fast that belt starts to slip on that KV motor you have, very interested!!!

build name not part name -_-

9mm belt and about 1mm hangs off, and on this set-up i have clocked at 22kmph

From dune right? It’s been years for me but me thinks that it.

nope but you’re on the right path close

Hmm…really wanted a cookie

Oh. Lol. Didn’t understand what you were saying.

how did you blow up your last build? overcharge?

Cheap cell and a bad charger, it just blew up.

so was messing around getting everything perfect for when i get the new board and tried to mount my torqueboards v1 mount just like he shows in all the pictures on his site but this is what i get.


And that right there is why my mounts aren’t that thick. 15mm belts/pulleys push the mounts off of the square surface.

i just flipped the mount so the cuff is in the wheel.

really wish i could get the mount to sit right but any further and the cuff is on the hanger, oh well.

about 1mm of hang on the belt 14mm on is more then enough… now where is that new deck been practicing my drawing so i can put a smexy harkonnen II on it.

With just a bit more effort you can get all of the belt on there. A nice even pull on the belt will help ensure that it will last longer. Especially when you go to adjust it some when it stretches over time.

Also it looks like you may want to ensure that you are account for the flex of the board and the motor isnt going to rub on the board. It will kill your rolling resistance.

Do you have enough room on the motor shaft to move your pulley out a little? That may center up the belt.

board doesnt really flex so no issue and the belt is pretty much touching the wheel so i cant get it on further with out rubbing on the wheel.

Oh ok…maybe a 12 mm belt? Haha

have yet to find a 12mm belt was thinking of just dropping to 9mm.

Give it a test and see how much wear and tear you suffer. I have learned to always have ample backups on hand. I am at a bar right now looking at a torn belt… I knew riding through the hood was gonna cause problems, damned bottles on the road…

Anyway, Ya did good on figuring out how to fix the first bit of troubles you had. I feel like you’ll get the rest figured/found out and fixed even faster hahaha Good luck!!

New decks here and new bolts, don’t know if I’ll drop mount or not