Has anyone found a deck similar shape to the Loaded Vanguard, but stiff?

Just a simple question, I really like the Vanguard deck from Loaded, but unfortunately it’s, A: super expensive ($400+ after shipping and conversions) and B: Has too much flex, meaning I’d have to do a split housing, which I don’t really want to do, but I’m not closed to that idea. So, ideally just the shape of the Vanguard and a stiff deck, is what I’m looking for.

Thank me later


Wow perfect! Have you bought this? It doesn’t really give much info about its flex and other details.

I’m on mobile so I could be wrong.

These are made to order, so you could probably ask them to use just 100% rock hard maple and get a stiff deck.

Oh didn’t know that, sweet. Thanks for the help.

wow for $25 thats cheep!

I’m gonna get one while I’m in the US next week and skin it with carbon to make it super stiff.

Yeah, $25 is cheap, I did contact them to ask about making it hard maple wood, so it doesn’t flex, so hopefully it doesn’t get much more expensive. Hopefully though, the conversion rates and shipping don’t kill my budget haha.

@Airmacx Where are you? Im going to Canada and NYC next week so if your around Europe I could pick you one up and ship it from the UK. US ground shipping was like $23 I think but i don’t think they ship to Europe. It wasn’t on the shipping options.

Australia unfortunately.

Edit: Not so unfortunate, they actually do ship to Australia, no idea how much though.

Did you get a response about making it hard maple wood?

Torqueboards has one, they already come stiff. He says they are great.

The vanguard has rocker shape, i don’t think a stiff rocker would be nice… damn nothing is cheap here in europe -.- if it’s cheap somewhere else you can’t order lol…

They said they already make it with hard maple wood but it has flex? Not sure how that works. I’ll email them again to clarify.

@torqueboards Can you confirm?

Eh… they are ok… I like my arbor axis though minus the grip tape that falls off and doesn’t last… The flex is nice on that deck.

The $25 Deck is not a bad deck though… .Your typical maple rigid deck…

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Yeah but I’d prefer less flex or none since I’m having an enclosure on the bottom and wouldn’t want my battery pack and such to break if it flexes.

I bought a deck from this company. They were great to work with. It was about $15 shipping to me (from their location in California to me in Utah) and about a 2 week turn around time (since they make each one custom)

I got a slightly different shape (I bought the Punisher). It’s definitely a stiffer board, much more so than the Loaded Vanguard.

I’ve been riding my 12S3P flat pack and the flex is fine on the Arbor Axis I’m about 190lbs.

Oh, I meant for the $25 board, how is the flex on that? Too much? Or very little?

I see. So there is flex, but not a lot?