Has anyone got NoSno E-mountainboard?

Hi there! I recently stumbled upon these kinds of boards:

Has anyone tried to make them electric?

I think nowind used these types of trucks in one his builds… but the board was regular…

With this… I see that the weight could be reduced as there is a lot less board material… not sure about the trucks/axles… as they seem to be quite beefy…

Cool blog by the way:


It threw some ideas for me… like mixing tires and also to try tucking and position the binding in forward manner, if possible.

Bump! Im still interested does nobody really have a NoSno board here… so cool board, might look like a rather badass eboard once made into electric…!

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I’ve heard these things are the shit for downhill. And NoSno brakes FWIU are supposed to be far superior to what’s available for Trampa or MBS.

I think the trucks that nowind used, that you were referring to were Flames though. Not much room for batteries and so forth with this type of deck. Seen a couple ‘nompa’ builds (NoSno w/Trampa deck etc.) in The Shed on the Surfing Dirt forum, but none with motors.

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I found guy on the internet who had a pretty detailed description of them… I think he said the axles are way better compared to other boards… more ‘‘snappy’’ trucks and just harder to ‘‘destroy’’.

The batteries should be fitted in the front or back I assume… I just like the somewhat ‘‘bare look’’ of the board… and I think @mmaner also got into liking this board.

Anyways… something a bit different and also a bit heavier compared to other boards…

I saw someone riding an electrified version of this kind of board at the German esk8dtm 2015. IIRC it was one of our french guests. https://www.esk8b-dtm.de/galerie/bilder/jahr/2015 <- Pic12

A few days ago I stumbled through the SurfingDirtForum on these boards (again) and thought that this is the most robust truck system I could imagine.

Kitemechanics sells some really nice and light carbon fiber decks based on this system: http://kitemechanics.com/index.php/mountainboard-and-kiteboard/

Space for batteries should not be the problem, as you would choose a light and small high discharge lipo for an ultra light racing board like this.

Jenso’s (nowind) build was actually a FLAMPA, a Trampa board with Flame trucks. I rode it last year, it had lots of power, but was quite heavy through the large motors and 9" tires.


Wow… big Thanks for the picture!

Btw for how many years is the ‘‘championship’’ going? Was the 2015 the first year of it? hah I assume you germans are real eboarders that you already have such championship!

I know evolve also had some sort of championship… but you know… without the bindings it looked like a joke… it was even in the video how after a little hill someone was jumping off from his board because he lost the balance…

Anyways… will definately take a look, thanks for pointing out to Kite mechanics… these boards look even more bare than NoSno… Exactly what Im after… :slight_smile:

Btw the guy in the picture, looks like he has some really beefy motors on his board… I wonder what size are they… so far Ive only seen Jens / noWind use 80’’ series motors… so unless these are some brushed motors… they migh also be from 80’’ but just differently colored… (noWind had red ones, I think, the Leopards…)

I think I could agree about the trucks/axles… I think I already bent one (regular skate one) of mine by hitting an ice block… So NoSno / Fire are definately made for downhill ride (jumps) and are just more durable in general… hence their thickness compared to others axles

The esk8dtm exists since 2014, but I was only there for 2015 and 2016. It is no big and official event, but it really is a lot of fun, riding and meeting crazy people.

The ‘beefy’ motors look bigger than they are, because there was some sort of protection tube around them. I guess these were ‘standard’ sk3 motors.

These type of trucks are actually hollow aluminium tubes, so they don’t have to be heavier than others. From a mechanical point of view they are superior to ‘normal’ trucks, as the same amount of material can withstand higher forces the further it is located from the center.

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Well, anyways the event/competition is still there :slight_smile: Im not sure who was the creative one (smart one) to come up with such an event but non the less, im imperssed :slight_smile:

The dirt track sure looks fun… would be great to try riding in such conditions, so far with my somewhat weak 6s setup I’ve rode on snow and some hard packed dirt roads… not much hills though

The environment in the track looks rather dusty… I assume there needs to be some precautions to avoid the dust… this was actually one of the questions I wanted to ask - whenever dust has any bad influence on the motor or other electronics?

I know dust is pretty bad for computers… fans get clogged up and there is just a lot of ‘‘dust residue’’ on the circuitboards and components… usually these things have some sort of mask on top of them so im not sure how dust impacts direct physical contacts etc…on an eboard…

So yeah some cover / protection for the motors does sound like a good idea… when taking into account / consideration the amount of sand dust there was in the air while riding :slight_smile:

Thanks for the little background into the mechanics, your description of the ‘‘tube axle’’ does explain quite well why they might be more durable even if they are still hollow… but just with more material

Will leave this nice Electric NoSno video here:

Finally, someone doing jumps on the video with his electric mountainboard :slight_smile:


Nice Track and nice Board. Rider is Toma from France, he has won the first German Masters!

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