Has anyone NOT had issues with the Winning Remote?

  • Yes. It works fine
  • No! Nothing but trouble!

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Just want to gauge input. I want this remote to work out so bad. I’m recharging and re-pairing it to give it one last chance. I just want to get some input before I take my enclosure back off.

It seems I am part of the lucky few that haven’t gotten any problems with this remote. Had it for almost 3 weeks and used it about everyday. In a few hours I will be testing the failsafe and range of the remote.

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The problem with this remote, is when the receiver and the remote are not connect, the receiver sent 0, witch is the same as full brake, command to the ecs… And that is why, the board brake when you loose the connection between receiver and remote.

Once I set up the remote initially, it has worked with no major problems. Occasionally when I brake the trigger gets stuck on brake but that’s not a major issue. I do charge it every day to be safe however. 4/5 stars from me

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Once the failbrake is correctly set, I think it’s a fine remote to use. I do still encounter the same issue as @Luke, sometimes my throttle gets stuck but that is when I accelerate so it can be dangerous but once you are aware of that you just have to push down the throttle instead of letting it go neutral by itself

I don’t have any issue with mechanical trigger issues. That’s fixable. I only care about signal issues. I think there’s a group that got a bad batch of batteries. I may solder in an 800 mah battery

Just re-did the proper binding procedure and took the board out. It works great until the brakes cut out. Happened twice and I had to bail. Once the brakes cut there is no response and I have to restart the board.

That’s so weird… it’s like a voltage spike or something crashes the chip sending the signal… There doesn’t seem to be a consistent factor with issues with these things…

This only happens if you dont rebind to reset neutral throttle. The opposite can happen too where it’ll accelerate when you turn the remote off or it loses signal. But again, rebind fixes this.

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The first one I ordered from Aliexpress has worked great for over 50miles. One from the group buy won’t hold charge and another one hasn’t been tested enough yet.

Sounds like a crappy battery…

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As above, after a rebind following LHB instructions, no issues for three weeks.

Could you link them?



Sorry, it was not LHB explanation, but Kaly as above. I did have an issue prior to following the instructions as upon cut off of remote/battery, board would keep going at about 20% power. Not good. After recalibration to new “dead center,” all is good.

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@stuxtruth did you tried this : http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/2-4ghz-nano-remote-in-stock-30-pcs-usa-50-free-priority-shipping-international-45-shipping/5017/175?u=kaly

Mine also doesn’t hold its charge. The rest works fine, though i don’t like it that much because the thumb control is too sensitive to have a smooth ride.

I dont have VESC just ESC.

I’m not a fan but only because i had one bad experience, and I certainly can’t pass judgement on an entire product line on one bad experience.


I still don’t think it is User friendly, if you have three different binding procedure.