Has Anyone Seen What Acton Is Teasing on Their Website?

It looks like they’re teasing a quad hub motor set-up. Official announcement is on the 20th this week. What do you guys think of it?

Literally the first picture on their site: http://actonglobal.com/

Yes I get their emails. I was gonna post this too. I’m excited. 4wd? Battery would take a hit like crazy at that thickness

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Maybe they worked some magic? Haha I just hope that the deck is as strong as it looks, because it looks like it’s some sort of injection-molded plastic!

I’m really looking forward to what they announce. This was posted on reddit https://i.reddituploads.com/3cac027b3b0e497ab996a06f19f4277b?fit=max&h=1536&w=1536&s=14ed36682f34a96c5b5d5cc5d35e2007

Didn’t someone on this forum have a 4wd hub motor build? I remember them saying that it used like 3 times the Wh of a normal belt driven board.

Thursday is going to be lit in the world of Pre-Builts :laughing:

I feel like I’ve seen this (or at least very similar) design on Alibaba. No doubt it looks cool!

On another note, other than because you can, why would you want to drive all 4 hubs at the detriment to the battery? I would rather have a lighter weight (or longer range) option with dual.

Is there something else going on besides Acton?

I think only acton is, but I know media outlets will probably look into it. The first blink board got a lot of attention, so this may as well!

I was wondering when someone was going to slap together 4 cheap hub motors…

@LEVer any chance for a quad version of the cruiser? http://www.carvonskates.com/store/p38/CARVON_E-Cruiser_--_Drop-Through_Dual_Hub_Motors_Electric_Longboard.html

I think the acton quad will be very similar rebranded thing…at least their design is getting better…

No way they would let out a board that fast…

this is the opposite approach for sure but since those tiny hubs are cheap and the low power escs are too it makes sense for their model…sell 4x perboard

youre being too practical about this…it has lights all the way around, its a “look at me” board…awd. :sunglasses: i think it’ll be a shot a bb, 9-1200…

something like this https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Winboard-4WD-off-road-electric-skateboard_60507413648.html

This think looks really nice! But the price (and weight :joy:) of it will be way to high. I bet you could get 2 longhairedboy boards with its price :smiley:

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Snore. I feel like 4wd is a hyped fad, same with hubs and bluetooth and 90+mm wheels.

agreed. except for 97mm abecs. they’re awesome over rough roads

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still no update, I got too excited, my email said it was going to be a 19th announcement, then the site updated it to 20th. really wanted to see what they are releasing. Now all I see is “get ready to preorder on the 24th”

I don’t like how they’re pushing it back :sob:

The quatro is…very interesting.