Has anyone tried these Maytech Hub Motors?

Im thinking of buying this kit to replace my belt driven setup. Has anyone had any experience with these motors? I will be using it as a single motor setup with my VESC (4.2) with a 6s battery pack.

Motor Specs: Diameter: 90mm Power: 800W Kv Constant: 60Kv Current: 22A Sensored

If you have a suggestion for a better motor option that wont be a pain to get in Australia please tell me. Thanks.

What’s wrong with your belt?

They do the job, best to avoid starting from a stand still, and it’s fine on essentially flat ground. Any bit of sustained slope would make it struggle, unless you’re kid-sized, hence why they work a bit better as a pair. Pretty stiff riding feeling, and they tend to get pretty hot after a while, but so far (touching wood) not to the point of self destruction. Superbly silent on FOC mode, that’s a nice thing. And you can replace the $10 PU sleeve once worn out.

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Snapped… ive also worn down my motor pulley quite a bit. I know wear is normal and these parts need to be replaced but getting replacement parts that don’t cost a ton to get shipped to me (QLD, Australia) is extremely difficult. I would rather a hub motor that doesnt require costly parts to be maintained.

Thanks, I’ll consider getting it and if I do I’ll be sure to post back with my experiences.

I had them on a 10S battery. With VESC´s they are rideable, but 6S and 60kv, assuming it´s a Li/Ion battery will give you a whopping 26km/h topspeed. Currently I am using the generic hubs which you can find on almost every cheap chinese prebuild and I like them better. The Maytech hubs also have a 100kv variant, which might be a better match for you. Anyway with Torqueboards direct drive launching on Blackfriday and maybe Enertions sale on the Raptor hubs,i would hold my breath for alittle longer. I hink you might be underwhelmed by the performance of the hubs comnig from your Beltdrive.

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What are you talking about? I live in queensland and have parts shipped regularly. Shipping is not extortionate but sometimes can be time consuming. Use the right sites and they all deliver.
That motor as a single will be rubbish on 6s. No torque at all. If you want something cheap to get the belt drive up and running then go for a hobby king pulley and get the belts from rs. Both deliver in less than a week from the aus warehouse.

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That’s a pretty big word there bud lol


Im up to “e” in the dictionary.


You’re saying there is a chance the raptor hubs will be sold seperately?


thats the rumour. Complete drives on offer.

Nice any idea when there suppose to go on sale or price

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Damn sounds great, was leaning towards building a first build belt driven but now I’m in doubt again. We’ll have to see.

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Cyber Monday is the rumor.

Forgot to say that my experience was with a 36V battery, and that worked. Like others have pointed, on 6S, it’s likely to be very underwhelming!

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Would be a good thing do for the diy community hes started tho

Thanks everyone, ill stick with my belt drive for now until hub motors become a more viable option.

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