Has anyone used a flex 5 vanguard to build an esk8?

Hi guys!! Is flex 5 toooo flexy for the cables and stuff which will run in the middle?

Depending how heavy you are.

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65kg but I mean won’t it damage the wires?

143lbs? how old are you? as in are you going to get taller/larger?

Silicone or flat cables should take the flex perfectly fine, but why do you want that much flex? The problem I might see is potentially damaging housings after going over a bump.

I hope I will grow)) I’m 17! Flex 5 because I could have bought it for $50 on eBay 20 minutes ago but it is now sold)) haha thanks anyways! @Mikenopolis

I bought a flex 4 super cheap. I’m roughly the same weight as you and can say that you probably wouldn’t want to go any flexier. Especially since you’re only 17 and will gain some weight.

You got it on gumtree right?

I saw that listing. Probably too much flex for an esk8. Past couple days saw some nice Loaded decks on eBay. I picked up a cantellated tesseract :slight_smile: