Has anyone used a loaded Vanguard deck and put dual 6374 motors on it?

Cant seem to find someone who has done this. Just wondering if anyone has done this yet.

Space will be tight if you use regular caliber trucks with dual 6374s on the same truck. Best option is either getting the extended trucks from TorqueBoards or diagonally placing the motors

Yeah thats what I was thinking also, just grab those 218mm trucks.

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I’ve not actively looked on DIY’s website, but the fact you can mount 2x 6374 motors is crazy, the power you’ll have!!

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With the 218mm trucks and 15mm pulleys and 6374 motors, does it fit?

I am thinking about making my board (in progress) dual rear 6374. I got the 218mm trucks.

bump. has anyone ever put 218mm trucks on a vanguard deck?

I put on loaded dervish