Has anyone used foam filled pneumatics?

The idea is simple. I’m building a hub motor (look up plush motors) for pneumatic and the biggest issue is the valve.

My first idea was airless solid rubber tire. But then I quickly realized weight would be an issue and ride quality would be sacrificed. So I did some more research and found these:

They look similar to the innova tires (which also were made for wheel chairs actually, lol).

The benefit is I imagine you can use a softer duro foam than the outside rubber, which could give a plusher ride than a solid rubber tire.

Just curios if anyone has used such tires before?

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Foam filled tyres aren’t good for high speed (high revolutions) the foam will break quickly, and you will end up with not only a “flat” tyre but an asymmetrical “flat” tyre.

I wouldn"t recommend at all.


proceeds to link YouTube videos of mobility scooters riding down highways


Not true. Foam filled tires have been used in RC car racing for ages at speeds that far exceed the ones encountered in eskating.

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Yeah but theres a different in weight.

5 pound rc car vs 200 pound board and person.


Then he should rephrase his statement differently and state the weight as the problem not speed. Also my 1/5 rc car is closer to 20 pounds.

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There really is only one way to find out though.

Either you have to try it or find someone that tried it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying they will work for eskating. Just that foam filled tires have no problems being used at high speeds.

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I’m working a lot with different types of “foams”. Believe me if I say, they brake, they will… I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to buy, only saying, there is no chance that it will last for long.

A foam filled cracked car tyre is good for some km-s (some miles for Americans), and afterwards you can throw away not only the filling, but the tyre it self too.

Wow super, comparing an rc racing car to an esk8… Are you really that d…b that on an esk8 forum I have to explain the difference between 5 pounds and 200 ? I don’t have to tell anything about weight, we all no what the total weight on an esk8 is about…

Edit: It should be 5 pounds against 50, calculating on 1 tyre…

Reading comprehension is not your strongest point is it?

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Ok guys, no need to make this ugly.

I appreciate the discussion and differing points of view. These tires in particular are designed for wheel chairs, I.e. a full persons weight. Obviously, speed is different (5mph vs 30mph). So @Steve-81 you believe the weight and speed would be an issue. Do you have any experience to back this up?

Not trying to attack your view or anything, just want to get to the bottom of this, which is why I asked for people with experience :slight_smile:

On paper, it seems like a good choice. If not, then I guess I’ll have to look at solid rubber tires.

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No exprience with foam but i would think in an esk8 application, the foam would need to be dense af to withstand a hit on an uneven crack in the riding surface. “I think” (im not paid to think but oh well) its a feasible idea but youll want something dense.

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As far as I know, @MoeStooge tires are rubber over a dense foam core made by Bishop Racing, an RC product manufacturer.

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Still racing on my original set 1.5 years on HD foam.


And the solid tyres?

I used foam filled and had a terrible experience. The foam never broke like some people have said but the tires were rock hard and made for a terrible ride. They weren’t balanced well which led to a jittery board which was limited to about 29mph because of it. I switched back very quickly.

Something to consider would be airless tires like atv tires. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it but hey, just an idea.

Well it sounds like the duro of your foam was high. To me, it seems possible there’s a certain duro that could work. Well see…


very very easy to break,I replaced many times for my grandmother’s wheelchair…

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We can consider this as real life experience… :smiley: