Have any of you guys bought pnuematic wheels/trucks from ebay?

Im looking to convert my DIY board to pnuematics given how crappy my city roads are here. I found what seems like a complete kit, before I pull the trigger, i wanted to get some feedback for you guys.

This is one:


And then theres the diyeboard: http://www.diyeboard.com/8-20050mm-allterrain-offroad-pneumatic-tire-inflation-wheel-p-574.html

I could reuse my TB12 trucks and motormounts for just the wheels.


I got the pulleys from dicky and they’re really good (I already had the wheels). You should message dicky and ask him to purchase just the wheels/pulleys if you want to reuse the trucks and motormounts like I did.

He will sell you the parts cheaper if you talk to him on the forum, and you can get what ever parts you want, the eBay listings are like recommendeds

You can buy the wheels and mounting hardware with Caliber II clamps for around $175 shipped probably which is not a bad deal, it will have all the pulley and mounting hardware

Who are you referring to? Dicky as ih8Darian mentioned?

Yes, @dickyho is literally my favorite seller in all of eskate, I just bought the TKP kit with 8" wheels (I have to mod it but totally worth it) and I’m so hype for it to arrive, his parts are good quality, especially for the price

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Does he have an official site or does he just list on ebay? Sorry, i posted a few links, not sure which one was dicky’s listings.

Edit: i clicked on his name and found his store. Thanks Zach

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Just PM him with what you want, he has 3 eBay accounts that list all of his stuff, plus a few more that are only listed in the threads he made

His old stuff
His big kits
His new stuff


I DM’d him and sent him money via PayPal goods and services and I had a flawless experience. The only bad thing was waiting for shipping from China because I’m impatient, but 10/10 would order from him again.


Out of curiosity, what teeth combo are you guys using? 15T/60 or 15/44. Im thinking 15/60?

I have 16/60 and it works fine for me

My current setup is 16/36 with my 100’s. I forgot what the raitio’s mean, does the less teeth on the wheel pulley mean more torque and the more teeth mean faster speed? Im thinking i may go 44 to be closer to what i have now which has nice pickup (i weigh 200lbs…)

Apologies for the dumb question no longer being relevant to the topic i posted. (i reached out to dicky btw, thanks)

The wheels come with 48T or 60T pulleys
48T will be the same speed and torque
60T will have 33% less torque and more speed

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60T would have more torque and lower speed than 48T, you might be confusing it with the motor pulley.


Thanks guys, this concludes todays episode of stupid questions.

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for wheels if take CNC to make it , that the price will ready high , are you guys accept that ,?