Have you been seeing 502 Bad gateway?

Have you noticed a 502 Bad Gateway Error lately?

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Yup! Need to upgrade the servers. :laughing:

Not since the great crash of 2016… Are you still living in fear since the incident?

Yeah happened like a week or so ago too. @onloop said that he was upgrading the server again.

happend to me 10 minutes ago…

why isn’t this thing on dreamhost or something? is it running on a homebrew nginx server? If so, that’s simultaneously awesome and kind of odd.

More strange stuff

I’ve not seen it since the crash.

I haven’t seen that error for ages. I did change my DNS settings though and that seemed to fix it. The website is incredibly slow though, have you guys noticed that? @Michaelinvegas @sl33py

Yep it is at times

Yes, it is really slow, that why I miss @Michaelinvegas Group Buy, last time.

Which one?

It has been quite slow lately for me too…

the first one for the remote, but I think I’m just trying to make excuse for my laziness… :sweat_smile:

Lol I have the same one going against you would like


I’m already in that One :joy:, but it doesn’t sell as fast…

this post is just a test to see how much time it take to edit it

well, it just take 10 sec but my last one have take around 30… it weird

so yes it is really slow sometime

The forum has been dead slow lately. I actually find myself using it less… Maybe that is a good thing.