Have you ever used slide wheels on a build?

hey guys, i was wondering if anyone has used slide wheels on their build. i was thinking that if you do this you could almost make an electric drift board. being able to burnout and do donuts would be pretty great or even drift races.:smile: Thanks, Hans

I have been told repeatedly by people who regularly video themselves sliding that there is little difference in slide wheels over regular wheels and that any wheels can be slid on.

slid? slided?

So if somebody else could give me some perspective on this, i’m listening. I don’t slide, and prefer softer wheels.

My brother thinks that he is this master downhill/slider bro, so he got butterballs… And to be honest, I can’t tell a difference between those, and my flywheels when trying to slide.

Just make sure to get a harder wheel (higher durometer)

Yeah it just gets slightly easier to slide as the durometer goes up. But if it gets too high, slides become unpredictable or “endless”. You want to be able to slide with some constant resistance that you can use to bring your board back around to the right rolling direction when you’re done with your slide. So it’s a balance.

Every wheel can indeed be slid but the release into a slide gets easier with increasing durometer. Don’t go too high though…

Another thing I always noticed is that slides are a lot easier to initiate and handle when the edges of the wheel are round instead of sharp. An example are the Otang Durian (round edge - easy to slide with) vs the Kegal (sharp edge - easy to catch and edge and go over the handlebars during a slide)

I think sliding should definitely be possible and pretty damn fun on an electric (I’ll let you know after my vesc arrives) but I wouldn’t go too hard on your wheel durometer. Predictability is something I would want at 20 mph.

so we’re talking somewhere in the 83a-90a range for sliding?

harder wheels makes more sense in my head. Using harder wheels on a rough road just puts you all over the place, which is why i prefer my wheels to be somewhere around 78a.

Yup! I had 86a Durians on my Loaded Durvish and it was a sliding machine when you asked it to be!

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what would you guys say is the best way to make an electric drift board? hard wheel seem like a good place to start.

I like “these” wheels. Their 75mm wheels are really smooth rolling and slide/drift amazingly.

I’m running These White 78a 75s on my main push board. This is my second pair, and i can’t tell you how much i love them. I’m eventually going to figure out the best way to put a pulley on a pair of them because damn. Those are Caliber IIs on a Gravity Brad Edwards 40" by the way. Venom double barrels and bones reds. This thing just glides for days.


Has anyone actually ever tried to slide or drift a corner with an electric long board on flat land? I was just wondering cause I was debating if it would be worth it get some sliding gloves or if it just wouldn’t work.

How convenient. The filmmaker Casey Neistat shows a smooth standup slide on a Boosted Dual+ in the first view seconds of this video.

Screw the slide wheels. Let’s get someone here to motorize one of these. I can’t imagine how crazy it would be.


Video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWvZFlTV5Io

Edit: Obviously these crazy fuckers need no motors…Holy hell are they cookin…

Um. You mean this?

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Bahaha exactly! Redefining sidewalk surfing…looks like a blast.