Have you guys seen the Golfboard?

People just don’t know when to stop, do they?

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Right lol. The article says it looks like a knockoff of a chinese e-board but I haven’t seen anything like that.

What do you say about something like that?

I looks well made (and it better be for $6500), but really? I didn’t know gold carts need replacing that badly… it’s more what I get riding around town a lot: people continuously asking for a handle bar. I’d be interested in the specs, but I didn’t see them any wheres…

These things are great and honestly what got me into electric skateboards to begin with. I went golfboarding and bought a electric skateboard the next day. I now own two and looking to get another. The only downside is that golf is not the same when not riding a golfboard now. However, I don’t golf much anymore since I am too busy riding my boards.

looks like they attached a deck between two self balance boards

my boss said they are a blast. you just have to find a course that doesnt charge you up the ass the ride one. very few optios so far. Pace of play has to be insane-- likely under 4hr for 18holes. which for those of you who dont golf- is amazing.

I wonder if any golf courses would let you strap your clubs to a mountain board and ride around on that? Sure would make the game more fun.

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Yeah I have been wondering if any golf courses would let me take my Carbon GT out on the course just like some let you bring your own golf cart. I haven’t looked into it though as it is too cold to play now.

Its the greatest drifting experience. They cut the grass way shorter then the parks way less drag. there is one that goes down the side on a mountain by me. at night if the moon is full. My GT Bamboo All terrain works great for that.