Having trouble flashing Ackmaniac firmware to FOCBOX

I am having an issue where I’m getting “motor detection failed” from ackmaniac ESC-tool during automatic motor detection/configuration. The motor will not spin even though everything appears to be connected properly.

This was after I tried flashing both firmware versions 2.54 and 3.101 to the FOCBOX. I read a thread by ackmaniac about the version 2.54.bin and when I try that one it the ESC-tool doesn’t even seem to connect to the VESC.


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@kaaaaahle Kyle, From where you purchased your FOCBOX?

I purchased it from longhairedboy.com just a couple weeks ago

@CarlCollins What is Enertion’s policy on bricking a focbox exactly?

And is there a way to easily restore a FocBox from “bad firmware?” If it can be done easily, it may be worth putting together some kind of “FocBox Doctor” package for it.

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think FISA (fuck it start again) is needed.

With the ackmaniac ESC-tool, reload the bootloader. Then reload 3.101 FW.

now make a quick video of your failing motor detection, explain you battery setup.

You might just be trying to perform a motor detection while outside of your working parameters (ie battery voltage cutoffs out of bounds) or you need to tweak your detection parameters.

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I don’t think I bricked it. I’m still able to power it up and connect to it.

I’m gonna try again with firmware version 3.101 when I get home, I was getting confused because the “official” @Ackmaniac thread kept referring to downloading and flashing ackmaniac_2_54.bin.

That should probably be updated.

let us know how it goes!

That was before VESC-Tool came along.


The policy is same which I told you via Personal message

Would you mind sharing it with the rest of is? This is info a lot of us could use.

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Can anyone help? There are multiple selections about which firmware to upload.

@Blasto @skatardude10 @longhairedboy

Focbox is 4_10&4_11&4_12, click that, then click default

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sweet, it’s working now. Thanks so much for the help.

I had to increase the motor detection parameters w from 150 -> 400 and D 0.05 to 0.1 to get the thing to spin up properly.

Turnigy sk3 192kv. not sure about the build quality of these motors yet but we will see.

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This :slight_smile: 101010

Sweet! Glad to hear you got it working dude :sunglasses: