Heat shrink for battery pack

Hi, builders!

Maybe, you can tell me some alternative to wrap my battery pack in? I found heat shrink in ali express 170mm, but it will take up to 48 days for shipping, I can’t wait that long!

Or, maybe, you know some seller with normal shipping time, I’m located in EU !?

Use fish tape to hold the battery together and start using the board while the heat wrap arrives.

what on earth is fish tape? I googled it but I’m pretty sure what I got in the search was not it.

I’ve heard of frog tape (painter’s tape) but the only fish tape I know of is a thin metal bar that’s coiled up, but I can’t figure how you’re using it to wrap a battery pack @Eboosted http://www.harborfreight.com/50-ft-fish-tape-38156.html

polyimide tape works. its heat resistant and non conductive. plus it used in space on satellites and stuff…

i’d use the smaller one to fasten everything in place and then wrap with the 4" wide stuff if you want full coverage…



Thanx a lot!

I just found 165mm black heavy duty heat shrink tube, same thing we use for wires only big in size. OMG, I was lookin for it in largest electric stuff shops in my capital city, but largest shrink tube was 75mm.

But I found it , we call it: "black market ". It is market in criminal side of city there you can buy everithing- old stuff, new stuff, many things that was stollen, for an example, car mirrors, bicycles, tools, tv’s…

Yeah! I can’t understund how that market can be working, but I found my stuff there :slight_smile:

I bought 1meter of 165mm heat shrink tube for 10 EUR.

It is still working because people still go to buy there!, I don’t mean yourself as the heat wrap you found doesn’t seem to be stolen, I mean if people buy stolen parts they are enforcing more crimial activity.