Helical Spur Gear Drive, is it supposed to sound like this?

Back story: Ordered a Trampa Spur Gear Drive (SGD) complete, first experience with a gear drive setup. Out of the box, the right gear drive has been making a lot of noise compared to the left. The left seems to run great, when I isolate running each wheel, the left side sounds smooth just like every video I can find of SGD. The right sound however feels “crunchy” when I turn it and makes a lot of questionable noises when riding. It feels as though there is slightly more resistance/roll on the right side, and the sound that it makes while coasting/braking is really loud compared to the left side.

Asked Trampa (disclaimer: to their credit, Dave has been doing a great job responding and answering questions), basically have gone through all the bits about backlash and lug nut adjustments. They were generous to send me an extra set of gears and parts, tried replacing the slave pulley, same deal. I have tried adjust the back lash in all kinds of ways, with no real change. Am being told “thats just the way it is sometimes”.

Video taken while coasting/braking down hill:

Flat street:

Really not sure what to do/say aside from Trampa has been very generous with advice and parts, but not feeling too confident about the board. I am being offered to receive an Open Belt System, to swap it with if I don’t like the noise. (Have had the board for 1.5 months and still have yet to take it for more than a test ride). Feel like maybe there’s something I’m missing or not understanding. Really not looking to strip down a board I paid to have assembled and hoping theres some way to make the SGD work out (love the power despite the troubles!).

Community thoughts/opinions/advice is greatly appreciated/welcomed

Sounds like it you need better grease. Pack it full, sounds like the motor gear is moving back and forth.

stop riding, something not good and hit up trampa for replacements. And please, please please, wear proper footwear before you lose a toe.

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Toes are overrated :rofl:

Packed plenty of Lucas Heavy Duty: filled every tooth on the slave and smeared the pinion. Do agree sounds like there’s movement though (thank you for affirming) and kept getting told to check the backlash over and over…

Agreed and thank you for the confirmation/observation. Basically have been resisting the temptation to ride since I received it and noticed the issues. Trampa has been sending parts, but not getting anywhere with improving what ever makes that sound/click. The videos have literally only been test runs up/down my alley way, to demo the sounds to Trampa. At first I sent clips of the gear drive running while it was off ground in my garage and was told it would sound different when I rode it or that it sounded normal to them. So basically the videos were quick run downs to the garage to make it very clear the sounds were not “normal” and were worse when riding.

I think I may have found a Trampa affiliate in the same state as me after doing some research. After talking he was generous enough to offer to let me bring my board up to him to check it out and do any needed repairs. Probably going to rest the board till then and make a nice road trip out of the deal.

Yea sometimes 2 people in person is much more efficient. But only sometimes.lol It makes me crazy when I can’t touch something and try and help people.

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