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Nice build thread! Like the tip on acetone, so much sanding in the past… Maybe add a note to your bullet adapters tutorial reminding to shrink wrap and electrically isolate them :slight_smile:

Edit: thanks! We’ll never know how many hours of @JohnnyMeduse life you just saved.


fantastic build.

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First post, and I’m using it to offer kudos to you. Great build, really neat and tidy. Shows exactly why so many people on here rave about self builds over branded options. Good insight into Unity choice too. Thanks it helps my thought process greatly. I’ve been mulling over the whole make/buy thing for weeks now…


Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the forum!

If you build it yourself you can get exactly what you want. I have been riding every day and the board turned out great. The main adjustment so far has been lowering the battery output from 60 to 50 watts, which helped tame this little monster.

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This is one of the best builds I think I have seen so far. Great work man :+1::+1::+1:

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Had some questions about the cable cover. That was 3D printed and has a magnetic snap down to the enclosure. There is a magnet inside the enclosure and in the cable cover. This provides some protection from dust and water. Charging is really easy, just snap off the cover and hook up three cables for the external BMS.




With the AT setup


Hellboy made it into the Enertion Newsletter! Awesome!



Where did you get those pipe holders that’s mounted on the deck?


(also congrats for getting into the newsletter! Well deserved!)


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Yea don’t send me an email God help you :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Very nice build!!..im building something similar i had a GTX with 200kv motors & 10SP4 that I lost in the central canal river after bailing off Smh. The performance was great but was always skeptical about electronics. My build a LY deck, Evolve supercarve trucks with stock mounts, Unity, 10sp5 by Tiller! I really like those 63mm motors your running and they look sweet!..but I still have 2 pairs of the racestar 200kv lying around that i had extra for my gtx & im thinking of using those. Couple question?..What size rivit nuts did you use on your deck? Also have you heard of anyone hooking up racestars to a unity? Is it worth the try or should i hold off on 63mm motors? Racestar 200kv put off 1800 watts each compared to 3200 on yours if im correct. Ill be riding street setup only. You seem to know your stuff any input would be much appreciated, thx!

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Thanks RadCat! Those deck bolts are from the Evolve hardware kit spare parts. Here is the strange part — a 3mm key seems too small, a 3.5mm key is definitely too big, but a 1/8 inch key fits perfectly. This makes no sense, they should be metric.

Oops, you were asking about the rivet nuts. Link provided below…


I love my 6369 motors. They run almost silent and stay very cool. Get them if you can. The Unikboard mounts are perfect. I have a 12s4p setup and that works great. My new addition is the Maytech R2 style remote. This is a perfect upgrade for the Evolve. Bigger trigger pull, LED screen, waterproof.


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Right on thx man! Gotta go big or go home lol…Ill check out that remote sounds similar to evolve, does it show speed?. …I went with the enertion remote curious to see how that is, I’ve only ever used the evolve r1 it worked great never tried the r2.

This new Maytech Remote is the last addition to the Hellboy build. I liked the Evolve remote, but it was rather proprietary, and could not be used with FOCBOX Unity and a custom 12S4P battery. The Maytech works great with Unity, and has a big solid feel compared to the similar Evolve R2. The trigger works well with gloves, and the separate brake prevents accidents.

One thing to be aware of is that you need to pull BOTH the trigger and brake buttons during the Unity calibration process. The trigger calibrates the + side and the brake the - side of the range.

Since the Maytech has a battery meter it provides the last feature that I wanted. I don’t have to cut up the deck. This preserves the clean appearance of the board.

Push to start works great, be aware that you need to push and then let the trigger go to zero. Squeeze a few times and the battery indicator will light up letting you know that the board is on. I think this is a safety feature of push to start. The Unity doesn’t let you start with positive throttle.

This remote is very smooth and has a lot of travel in both the trigger and the brake. I seldom go above 50% on the trigger unless climbing intense hills. But there is still plenty of room. I have found myself riding faster and with more confidence with this remote. It is also waterproof and has a wireless charger.



nice find…good price as well. thx for the review. I think I’ll go with the Maytech also.

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What is the final build cost as configured where you want it?

my 4 children and I are going to start building boards for ourselves and like this build. Would end up with some of the 6384’s possibly.

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are you using black nylon split wire loom tubes? like these https://www.walmart.com/ip/Black-Nylon-Split-Wire-Loom-Corrugated-Conduit-1-2-25-Feet/725964906?selected=true ? if so, what size are they?

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