Hello and need helps with Vesc

hate to break it to you bro, but you don’t read what I would consider a ton. you’ve only made 48 posts and 1d read time. sorry, just wanted to “correct” that :upside_down_face:

I have 20d read and almost 15k posts created

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I would have responded in just such a manner to ANY forum members that are helpful. Fishy to be a nice guy huh? That’s a shame

Edit: I understand why you were being snarky towards me the dude is a moderator. I assure you I wasn’t trying for a gold star.

That’s your whole point? To be sure and tell me you don’t feel like I read a ton? You actually took the to to go look the numbers too? :joy: I don’t know wether to be flattered or annoyed. Giving the fact that I have a pretty hectic day to day schedule. My opinion is I’ve read a ton. Anyways Merry Christmas guy. Thanks for your input

dude, I wasn’t trying to be mean. I was just pointing out that your reading a lot (while still being a lot) isnt as much as you hype it up to be

anyways, let’s stop derailing this thread, merry christmas.

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Came off as rude wether or not that was your intention. You still sound rude with your comment about “hyping “ my reading. Now to get the thread back on track I will just recommend directly messaging me rather than here

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First of all, Merry Christmas all.

I think I got it to work. Haven’t had a chance to test it outside with full load (riding). We have a white Christmas. At least he is happy to see it under the Christmas tree. I actually made 2 for him - one just a regular longboard and the other one electric longboard.

I really…really appreciate all the helps from all of you - especially Namasaki for hanging with me the last 2 days. I didn’t know the electronic is that complicated. At least now I know what to do or at least where to look for info.

These are links about VESC Tool.




Not sure if these already been done…Maybe we can pin these links to help others with the newer VESC and using VESC Tool instead of the BLDC Tool.

Once again…Thank very much.

Happy Holidays.


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