Hello and need helps with Vesc

Hi everyone I thought I would post my build here.

Not building for myself but for my 12 year old son. His Christmas present.

Vesc, 190kv sensored motor and remote from Maytech two 5ah 20c lipos 90mm flywheel clones and Caliber II truckes from some Chinese company pulley kit from Ebay xt90 connectors for everything.

If this looks good (I already received all the parts needed) and just finished putting it all together. Could somebody help me out with the VESC bldc tool settings OR am I OK since the Vesc, motor and remote came from the same company?

I can post some pics of what I have if that will help.

Have u watched the vesc setup video?

Yes, I have but still no clue of what the BLDC tool suppose to do with the Vesc.

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Please try using the search function though man


I’m not trying to sound rude man but I see you reprimand folks a lot for “not using the search function “ . I realize that “veteran “ builders here get annoyed answering the same old questions time and again, that being said some people still don’t completely understand even after using search and finding a topic that is maybe similar to what they need assistance with. There are other factors for why a person is asking a “typical noob” question. Maybe the explanation that they read wasn’t written in a way that was was enough for them to understand. Everyone learns differently. What is easy for you or me to comprehend others may need a different worded explanation. It gets intimidating for a guy to post asking for help when you see folks getting snarky about a “magical” search function. This forum was created to pool and share information right? Again, I’m not trying to sound rude I’m just offering a different view…


I have him the resource he needed but there are videos that are very detailed and threads that are very detailed that can answer most noob questions, most just choose to read a couple threads and then give up, if they went through every post I doubt they would ask the same questions, I understand the need for help but only after the person puts in some effort on their own end. I’m not stopping people like you from answering they’re questions though😄


People like me? I’m fine with asking questions my man. The only stupid question is the one that you don’t ask, except “Do you wan fries with that?” That’s a stupid question, of course I do. :joy: Back to the point though. I maintain that even after pouring over the noob topics there still may be the need for clarification. I’ve devoured every scrap of information that’s been made available. I spend no less than 2 hours a day reading various topics available and yes it’s a tremendous help but the thing about a forum is sometimes the question that was asked gets forgotten about because people begin to debate their opinion on the subject matter.( :joy: Similar to what we are doing now.) that being said I apologize to the OP for hijacking the thread and to you if I have offended you in any way

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From what I understand most of the default settings are just fine the way they are. I am still new to this but what I gather is that you need the vesc to set your breaking as well as battery maximum and minimum. More importantly is you need to run motor detection, this is probably the most important thing in order for the board to carry ya lol

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I would have said it if @willpark16 didn’t. Posts like this(OP) actually hurt the forum, and hurts other people like himself looking for information(as does your post).

Good forums(like this one) are FILLED with quality information, that is actually really easy to find. The entire community worked really hard to create and organize that information. If there are 1000 threads like this one it makes the actual good quality information more difficult to find.

Nobody came here to read long drawn out posts about why someone would post “typical noob questions”, or see two people argue. They came here to learn about building an esk8.

Here’s what i typed in google

EDIT: @mansugi welcome to the forums and congrats on your first build. Get some pictures up so we can see your progress!


I wouldve said use the search function too, theres way too many resources on on specific topic, and those resources are good too, people should explore this forum instead of having everything mouth fed to them, its DIY for a reason


My mistake guys. I apologize for not being clear. It’s fine to tell someone to use the search function. Obviously it’s there for a reason. That wasn’t my point. Point is despite using it sometimes it’s still not clear so I feel it’s fine to ask. What you feel is self explanatory isn’t for the next. That being said I’m here to learn more about building eskates not to argue. I apologize for offending

Where can I get this one? Please tell me the source.

That post was from September. Thanks for the reply and I have found the download links. If someone can delete that thanks!

I’m not annoyed with beginners seeking help especially when they are desperate and running out time with only 2 days before Christmas

@mansugi If you still need help, send me a PM and I will walk you through the process.


I have to say it’s actually not a bad question, this is because some companies ship there vescs setup to work with there own products (enertion used to not sure if they still do)


Agreed, When people who are struggling come here for help, It’s on us to help them and not be rude about it.

And to anyone reading this, if you can’t answer a question without being rude, then don’t answer it.


I shouldn’t make broad generalizations like that. You are always helpful from what I have read and I read a TON of stuff on the forum. I sincerely appreciate every single person who contributes to this forum. It’s helped me better than I ever expect

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Wow…Sorry for my question. I didn’t expect to create all these hooplas.

Just got back on the forum tonight because been really busy all day trying to get this board ready before Christmas. I got pretty much all the hard parts installed. Just like anything else…nothing will fit perfectly when you buy it from different vendors. Have to cut a few areas, grinding and filing and also a few painting.

Anyway, I got all wiring done and hook it all up. Remote works just fine and it spins the motor and wheel.

VESC - MTVESC50A. Link - http://www.michobby.com/product/vedder-vesc-speed-controller/ Found the link on how to upgrade the firmware.

And also found more stuff that I have no idea about ??? Braking ??? Battery - how to set - low and high?? Currently I have 2 - 5000 Mah 25-35C Upgarde firmware from 2.8 to 3.3 ???

Would you have responded with that to any other forum member? Seemed more directed than objectively helpful…fishy