Hello I'm Korean. I really need your help about 4wd CAN bus communicate, and PC to VESCs connecting

hello I’m Korean,using VESCs for startup company’s product being developed.

my goal is to connect 4 vesc via CAN, and to connect to PC(Jetson tx2) via CAN. because our project must use this PC. how i can do? in the case of USB connection, the connection may be disconnected sometimes and there is a delay each time, so we are considering CAN communication without problems like this.

  1. I found some thread that talk about 4wd connection. I think 4 VESCs connection, and VESC to PC via USB will be hopely work.

  2. but I’m not sure that connecting VESC to PC via CAN using CAN to USB converter. is it possible??


  1. when I connected two VESC via CAN bus, and master VESC to PC via USB with reference to above site, that worked a few times. but shortly, problem accrued. two VESC does not turning on now. I think there are short problem but I’m not sure. DO you know why?

Hey there, this forum is not as active anymore, create an account on this forum and we’ll help you out.


oh… really thanks your advice. I will go

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