Hello! My first build! Jream Build | Dual Drive | Dual heatsinked VESC | 180KV 6354 Dual belt

I think it is referee to as a stiffening cbank. I have used this same principle in high end car audio with much larger capacitors

Ordered a Dual belt drive from DIYEboard cause I can’t wait for my other motors on order.


And these motors


Should be able to hit 30 with this setup. Defiantly a collection of china clone parts slapped together in a bundle. Beats other kits by about 100-200 dollars. With the machining they do on the trucks it looks promising.

More pictures:


The DIYeboard kit came in.

The motors from DIY are 10mm shaft in case you have motor pulleys already they will have to be bored out.

Here is some pics of the kit and everything mounted but the motors.

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The fit is decent, a lot of rubbing and friction when I first put it together. Had to take it apart and grind down friction points between the wheel pulley and the motor mount. Didn’t take very long and everything is mounted with locktight.

I’m not sure how true wheel pulley’s are supposed to be, one has a very slight wobble. We will see how smooth everything runs tomorrow when I get all the electronics up and tested.

Finally finished this bad boy. The DIYeboard kit just did not work right, so I got some nice preowned sidewinders with motor mounts from @Eboosted

This thing is crap your pants fast. Get the wobbles at 25 and am only half throttle. Not even using the full 80amps per motor, just 70.


Still have to redo the wiring to make it nice and clean, But the mechanicals are pretty much done.

Those are some amazing motor mounts!


Yes Yes they are!

Updated Pics:

Thing runs great. put in new bushing on the front, tighten the sht outta them, hit 30. Still can 180 degree turn 2 lanes and eats hills with my 250lb fat ass.

Next up is the board in the backround. 4wd V4xl with 4 graphene lipo batteries. :slight_smile:


New tail light.

Meilan Smart Light Tail Light https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00X4E496K/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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How did you mount that rear light? Just tape?

Yup, Black electrical its temporary.

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