Hello! My first build! Jream Build | Dual Drive | Dual heatsinked VESC | 180KV 6354 Dual belt

Hello Esk8.builder!

I’m very new to esk8 although I have been a skateboarder since middle school(in my 30’s). Usually take my longboard and my dog for walks. She is super hyper and very much a risk to my health when their are a lot of squirrels and me and her are cruising at 10-15 mph.

Not sure where I saw the first esk8, but started doing some research and found the Meepo. Between the Cheep price, DIYish instructional videos, and Kierans torture testing it I thought I would see how it goes. Wasn’t expecting much. Was pleasantly surprised by the performance.

Got hooked, ordered 3 new boards(Raptor, Backfire,Carvon) and started to build my own. Here are some pictures and stuff.

The idea is to make a high speed racer. Range is not that important, just volts and amps and a lot of them. 12s2p high KV hub motors. Starting with 2 will probably go to 4. Custom dual carbon drop board. It’s going to be sick.


Board: https://www.subsonicskateboards.com/collections/2016-factory-decks/products/copy-of-factory-talon-37 Got it custom with orange rails and carbon fiber top and bottom with an orange stain. Plenty of room for wheels and stiff as steel for a heavy rider going fast.

Battery: collections/electric-skateboard-battery-pack/products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s2p Thought about building my own. This is cheaper.

VESC: collections/esc-speed-controller/products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller Torqueboard VESC to match the battery.

VESC enclosure: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aluminium-case-for-DUAL-VESC-V4-12-BLDC-motor-controller/142517231355?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Aluminum heat sink for the VESC’s.


Hummie Hubs! Worth the wait, getting them wrapped to a slightly high KV for more top speed. They come with Paris trucks and Centrax 83mm front wheels for amazing grip.

Will keep this updated as the last of the parts come in and the assembly commences!

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That battery pack is not enough if you want to go that fast, especially if you want more than one motor on your board. Its not going to supply you many amps.

yep, you’re gonna need atleast 2 of those packs in parallel. might as well have someone build you or build your own 12S4P atleast.

That is an awesome VESC case, but it’s not sensor ready.

Didn’t think of that. I got the tools to cut some holes though if needed. Might just need to dremel some channels.

I was thinking of adding another 12s2p pack when I went to 4 motors. You don’t think the 12s2p will be enough for the duel? I mean won’t I just get less range?

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I thnk 12S2P would be OK, range will be Ok too, I think will be about 12-15KM on flat road. just hub motors will easy to got heat when running fast.

belt drive with 97mm wheels can go fast

I thought about just drilling a whole for the sensor wires too but would you have enough clearance for the connector?

I don’t think 2p would be ok. I have a 12S2P on a single sk3. And I’m not happy with it. You can always get a second one later if it doesn’t work out.

Ill let you know when it gets here :slight_smile: Mostly wanted a nice large heat sink and some dust protection.

Yeah. Case and heatsink in one. You could put silicon around and on the holes too to make it waterproof.

It’s got rubber grommets that seal up the ports

That battery pack would provide 30 amps max, its even lame for a single motor neverless a dual.

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Do you really need amps for flat ground top speed? I guess the accelaration is going to drag a little. Do I need to get a new BMS or can I use the one I have with my pack?

But only the ports and not around the enclosure.

its sealed Tight, water isnt getting there…hasnt in mine going through deck high puddles the machining is very precise, couldnt be a tighter fit, and there is a recessed groove, you need to pry it apart after you screw it down once You could just smear a little silicone grease in that groove then 100% waterproof

does it also have a cover for the usb ports?

That it doesn’t , duct tape patch to the rescue :wink:

all these fancy stuff and we all resort to good old duct tape in the end. lol

New ESC enclosure showed up today.

I didn’t realize I would have to do some soldering. I guess I didn’t read the description too well. The stock ones are 63v 680u. The new ones are 63v 580u. Does this matter?

I would hate to have to return this… It’s so nice

Motors don’t come for weeks so I’m in no hurry.

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I just sent the seller a question about those caps. Waiting to hear from him.

I do not think it will make a difference. I sent him a message asking if I would have to change any VESC settings and he said it shouldn’t matter.

I tried to search the forums for an answer.The only thing I found was the capacitors are their to help with sustaining voltage over a long wire. They just hold a little bit less juice, so I don’t think they could damage anything on the board. I guess my main concern is if they are a quality part.

Going to be soldering it all together later tonight. Wish me luck!