Helmet Recommendations

So I’m building a new board and I want to try and be safe… so I’m looking to buy a helmet.

The FOX Proframe helmet is a full face design which is super open and light. Does anyone use one? Any feedback?



Any other helmets I should think about checking out? I like the idea of protecting my money maker, but non-full frame might be ok.

I looked at a barely used Troy Lee Carbon a few months ago on craigslist. It was so nice, so light, but didn’t quite fit. Was pretty much like this one.


I was looking for a full-face too and found the Giro Switchblade. It’s normally $250 but they’re doing a closeout for the 2017 model, so it’s about $125 right now. It’s also ASTM F1952 certified and has a removable chinbar.

i’ve got a tsg pass carbon “shoot”…


although I wear my bern snowboard style 1/2 shell more…

look for something light, and use the helmet withing it’s design specifications :wink:

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Triple Eight Invader Full Face Helmet


@mmaner that’s sleek! What size are you rocking / how’s the fit? Can you wear sunglasses underneath or does the mesh do a good enough job? Is the mesh removable?

@Provoke I was looking at this one until I saw the one posted above. They don’t have the white in my size though :frowning:

I have the Bell Super 3r. Its prety comfortable and you can remove the chin bar if you want. I have some Fox racing goggles that fit in perfectly. Comes with a gopro mount on the top.


Helmets My beard doesn’t quite fit in the helmet all the way though.

Here’s a shot of my wife and I knocking out a ride before the weather got crap here. She has a TSG Pass helmet and loves it.

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