Helmet Showdown

I’m in the market for a full face helmet. I cant decide on which one I want. Suggestions? Recommendations? Looking at:

Full face helmets are awesome! Good choice. You can mount a camera so easily, and can also block the wind when going at faster speeds…or use a tint visor in bright days.

If you can afford it, go with the TSG pass, it’s highly regarded in the downhill community. I personally use a predator DH6 (i’m sure you’ve seen videos of that on floating around on this forum). The motorcycle helmets are heavier than they need to be. The downhill longboarding specific full face helmets are lighter and breath better since you’re not going at motorcycle speeds.

To add on to what @Photorph said, try the helmet out first if you can. I ordered the Bell Super 2r in large (largest available) but it didn’t fit at all. So do your own due diligence!

Skate full helmets are light weight and have better visibility. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K2T0OWI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I’ve had my eye on the Bell Sanction helmet, mostly due to how light and inexpensive it is. Normally, about $65 on Amazon. Unfortunately, I don’t have $250+ to spend on a helmet, but those TSG’s are pretty nice. Demon and THE have some good looking open face helmet options for under $100 on Amazon too.


Hey I have the same one for my dirt bike! It gets kinda hot but is a good helmet.


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DEMON UNITED ’ S PODIUM HELMET Great Looking,…Only 2 lbs . 89.00$


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@Randyc1 I’m so close to buying that one…so light, CPSC certified, and even has Bluetooth speaker option.

Just bought this.

You spent $649 on a helmet?

Who wouldn’t???

I’m kidding by the way.

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If i buy one it will be this one also!

@Randyc1 Just bought a black Demon Podium. Your post pushed me over the edge. Lol.

Did you take your head measurement before ordering ?,…let me know how it fits

@Randyc1 I did, and I’m right at about 57cm. Sounds like they run true to size, so I got the medium which fits 55-58cm. I’ll find out how it fits tomorrow when it gets delivered and let you know.

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Just bought this straight out of Germany so maybe it’s something to consider?


I really like the modular design, gotta love that German enginuity

What speeds are you doing gents that made the full face appeal to you? Or is it the looks?

I prefer being inconspicuous (which is already hard on a CF board). Do you cop any unwanted attention with the full face on?

Does it dull the experience, because you are less connected/ less sensory?

I can only do around 42kmph peak (usually around 35kmph), and haven’t felt the desire for full face, but then again I haven’t had that maiden stack that might change my mind.

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I have a full face cuz…

  1. I’m over 50 km/h on my e-boards and over 65 km/h downhill.
  2. Michigan is cold
  3. you can mount a camera much easier and use a mic inside the helmet to avoid wind noise and get clear audio
  4. the visor helps with wind at high speed and with the bright sun since its tinted
  5. because it matches my LHB board and looks so cool


  1. most importantly…because I like my face and would like to keep skin on it, even a fall at slow speeds can mess your face up if you land wrong.