Help! 18650 cell how to test to know if they could work with esk8

I’ve just pulled my portable charger apart and found out the have 18650 cells in them. It was 4 for $25 Aud and I don’t know how to test them to see if they could work for a custom pack if I got more. It was a 5000mAh pack so I’m guessing they are 2500mAh each cell could they work, I want to make sure before I get more of them.

Riona super ginues. On you tube

I guess they are these. With a max discharge current of 2A they are definitly not suitable for an esk8. You would need at least like 10 of them in parallel to have a minium acceptable power for an esk8.


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I hope those cells have a higher discharge rate than the mobile charger ones. What battery pack configuration are you aiming for?

I only use sumsung for my board

10 s3p and on my board 10s4p.20amp discharge Cell

The color of Cell tell you what discharge they have.

Never heard of that…

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.im goinhg tô show you

You must be joking…

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Its like more capacity less discharge

More discharge less capacity .

The color of the heatshrink doesn’t tell you anything about discharge rate…

Go check i dont no


why is there more than 1 red lines then? :smiley:

It is just a ‘‘wrap’’ / decoration / protection cover for the metal cell…

U need to look up the model / name of the cell, to determine its capacity / discharge rate.

How to identify 18650 cell capacity by color?

You just don’t. Look up what is written on the cell and you get your data.