Help! A component burned on my 8s flier dual ESC

Hello, I tried to program my esc and while doing that smoke came out of the esc on one side. One component probably burned and I want to try to replace it because otherwise I need to buy €300 on VESC’s and I don’t want that.

So what do I need to do:

  1. Remove the heatsink (how do I do that?)
  2. Locate the burned component
  3. Replacing it

So the questions are: How do I remove the heatsink (it looks like it is glued on it), does anyone have experience with flier ESC’s and do you have tips or tricks for me because this is the first time I try it.

Be really carefull and use a razorblade to cut the heatsink away. try to stay on the heatsink and not cut in the middle of course.

Unfortunately these ESCs tend to do stupid stuff, so even if you get it repaired, they may smoke again soon…

Try to repair it for science, but prepare to get some good vescs… risk on these flier escs is to high in my opinion.

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Thank you for the comment, I will try it for science and yeah I already am ‘fearing’ that I need to buy VESC’s (probably from… The upside of it is that I can go 10s and not stay with 8s

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