Help before I blow up my BMS

HI, I just got my new smart bluetooth BMS, but while soldering it to my batterypack, I think I did a mistake. The mosfets (accedentaly?) connects to the P- port. (Look at the picture) Is this right? Or will I have to try to clean up the solder. Thanks for your help20190613_220148 ![20190613_220151|375x500]!!20190613_220133

I bought my bms from this website:

Clean it. The heat damages mosfets. They could be damaged already

There is an effort there, thats good, but seems that 1) its better you work on your soldering skills 2) probably you are using a low power solder machine. Use a multimeter to detect which pins connects to each other and which should not… Best way is to investigate the datasheets and schematics… Why dont you clean the solders first and retry again… You will see that there will be progress… Dont stop trying…