**HELP** BMS always on / E-Switch not working

Hi guys,

My BMS used to have an E-switch button that worked great. (see photo) Suddenly, my E-switch LED button stop working. I was still able to use my board so I keep using my boad for a while.

Then, I decide to replace my button and that’s when I realised that my switch don’t do anything. I removed the switch completly but my BMS and VESC stay on all the time.

I mesure Voltage between the two wire coming from the BMS to the switch and I got nothing : 0V

What could I do ?

**NOTE : I didn’t make my battery pack. I received it already made.

What brand and model is that bms

@Namasaki no idea. I order a custom made battery pack on alibaba.com. What voltage usually go through those two wires on a Bestech ? I barely got 2.5mV (not 2.5V but really 2.5mV)

Really well made by the way except for this F%?& white glue that Chinese manufacturers seems to love so much

But there is no brand or serial number on the BMS.

My switch use to turn off my BMS (and my VESC obviously), but now those two wire don’t do anything.

You probably should just replace it with a Bestech bms.

Hurry, @koralle has one left and will ship anywhere. http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/eu-new-bestech-bmss-for-sale-80a-10s-one-left/53406

Assuming you have a 10s battery

Yeah. Already order a 12s Bestech with buildkitboard. In the mean time, I live with a board always on.

Do you know how much current / amp the vesc draw on idle ?

I wouldn’t leave it on, it might draw the battery too low over time. maybe rig up an anti-spark connector.

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Yeah I monitor the battery with @Ackmaniac app to make sure I have enough juice left in my battery just the time I receive my new BMS.