Help Charging - Keep getting sparks - 6S2P Lipos Parallel Charging Board

Hey guys, I have a problem with my charging setup which I don’t understand. I have 4 3s Zippys running 6S2P and am trying to charge them using a parallel charging board and an iMax B6 as so:

Battery%20Wiring%20Diagram Balance%20Wire%20Diagram

Both of the main power leads plug in fine to the board, I plugged in one balance cable but whenever I try to plug in the second balance cable it sparks a lot and burns up. I don’t understand why this is happening, the voltages seem correct on the balance pins, I can measure across and it goes 3.7, 7.4, 11.1, 14.8, 18.5, 22.2. The other balance cable is setup exactly the same and works. I don’t think the parallel board is faulty because I’ve got it to work in the past and I tried multiple ports on it with the same result. I check the continuity on all the pins and they seemed okay too. Here’s the parallel board (without the balance cables plugged in) parallel_board

Did you check that you plug in the balance wires in the right order on the parallel board? Maybe you mixed there + and -?

Don’t you have your ground balance wire comming from you positive terminal? Nvm I’m wrong here…

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There’s only 1 way to plug in the plastic piece because it has those 2 little legs on it. I plugged it in the exact same way as the first one.

So if you charge only one 6s all is good, with 2 6s it spark right? Why one balance plug burned on the board? Did you check there is no short now?

my guess:

your cells are out of balance, probably a low cell.

never, ever parallel charge without checking that the cells are within 0.1V of one another.

/edit grab a dmm and check each cell

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Thats where it burned previously so I’m not using that port anymore. And ya I checked the continuity from each pin on the balance ports to the output pins on the balance port… not sure what else to check

Edit: Ya charging just 1 worked, but I have actually been able to successfully charge both at the same time before using this board in the past.

I will double check again, but they were all very close together, I checked them individually and they are all 3.8 or 3.81