Help connecting a battery and 'battery connector'

Hi all, sorry if this is a silly question but I’m new to this and want to make sure I do it right. I purchased a 10s3p battery from an ebay seller selling a closed esk8 store’s stock. I also bought a ‘battery connector’ from the same seller but it comes with no branding or instructions.

I also have a new Flipsky 75100 VRSC and a Flipsky 6374 “battle hardened” and an antispark switch.

I’m trying to work out exactly what the battery connector is. The seller told me it has an ESC inside but if that’s the case, I can’t see any way to attach a motor.

In the worst case, I’m thinking of salvaging the USB connector and charging port and just attaching those to my Flipsky 75100 VESC instead.

The purple battery pack was inside the battery connector.

Apologies if this is confusing. Please let me know if there’s anything I can clarify. Cheers.

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The name of the connector is on the side. It should be an XT60 connector. I also think he meant “bms”… not esc.


Thank you for replying. Do you think its safe to connect the 10s2p battery to this connector? Its just it has its own battery inside it.

Also I can’t see any way to connect the battery connector to my VESC. It seems to only have wires for connection to a battery. This makes me wonder if there is actually an ESC in the connector… So damn confused.

Do you have a photo of your esc? If you can, can you separate the wires according to the photo you sent earlier. That red, black and white wire is a regulator for your usb. You put the positive on the red wire (red wire from the battery), and the black goes to black. Solder it accordingly. The white wire is a charg wire. Idk what that is tbh.

That’s not the esc however. That is something else tbh.

Edited because i didnt see b- at first. Solder b- instead of the white. Leave white out for now.

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Firstly thank you again so much.

Is it the “PPM” the red black and white wire, the USB regulator? And does this just allow me to charge using a usb charger?

I took some hopefully better pics.


The white wire that is on the regulator is probably the charge via usb, however I will do a bit of research to be 100% sure where it goes. For now, your usb is basically a charger for your remote or anything that can be recharged via usb atm.

I’ll edit if i found the info.

The PPM/PWM is for your remote receiver. That goes on the receiver of the remote you’ll be using.

That antispark switch connects to your battery as “in” and esc as “out”

The XT60 connector goes on the red and black wire of your esc. That is where you connect your antispark switch to “out” for the esc.

The blue, green and yellow wires are your motor wires. The hall sensor is correct since you connected it to the motor.

And that’s pretty much it. the usb is basically how you connect it to vesc tools.

Edited for usb.

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Thank you again. I still don’t get how the box with the purple batteries can connect with the esc and large battery, if at all. It only has the one red and black wire from its internal small battery pack, so I can’t see how the power would go from there to the ESC.

If you see the black box top left, it has an xt60 connector as well as the big blue 10s3p battery.

I may just take that box to pieces and use what I can (and put the usb charger in the custom enclosure along with the the battery indicator)

Can’t wait to get this finished. I’ll post up pics when its finally done.


The red and black wire from either battery will both connect the same way to the esc. The same for whats in that box. If you’re not using that box, then you are correct to make a custom one and basically do the red and black wire connection the same way on the bigger battery. It works the same way.

Ok yeah so its either or, right? Its not possible to connect that box and the big battery to the ESC simultaneously without getting messy.

I guess I’m just totally lost as to how the small box works because it has no way that I can see to connect to a motor. So I its not

I will most probs use the parts from it but why it has no motor connection, I don’t understand. The seller said “it connects straight to the batteries I’m selling”, which is the big blue battery.

I don’t understand either. I think that box is a battery box and you can connect an esc to it like you can with the bigger battery. I do not think its a standalone thing. The seller probably wasn’t aware. But the technology within that box can be used on the bigger battery. Not really different than the 10s2p that came with it.

You’re basically doing the same thing like plugging in the battery to the esc. It just has a usb regulator port.

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