[Help] Crush our Hyperboard - What can your futuristic e-board do?

Technology wise, your in the right direction. But from a skateboarder stand point, that is not geometrically safe to run at 65 kph. I have tried many different styles of boards, looking for a compact, natural feeling board. You really need to ask your self, why do downhill skaters not use that board? I think if you are planning on going more than 30 kph, your safest option is a long board. The wider wheel base, mixed with wider trucks create an insane amount of stability at high speeds.

To those who think going 65 kph is dangerous, well it is on a board like this. But if you use geometry, you can create a board that’s relatively safe at 65 kph. But this board is not it.

Are you a skater yourself? have you been at speeds of 65 kph on a board before?

Again, I love the technology, but that board is not a stable board at high speeds.

Agreed. I can’t envision any board manufacturer creating a board intended to go 65kph! The skill needed at those speeds is not something you are going to get from joe consumer. Sounds like injuries/deaths, and lawsuits. At least in the US where everyone is super litigious. I think 40kph/25mph is about as fast as they can go without a lot of risk (legally).

As others mentioned this looks cool, except the back wide/low bumper. Looks like a hangup point and going over any bumps or rough roads might be an issue.

Length and weight concerns - for “last mile” transport i’d want it to be smaller and lighter to carry on the train/bus and finish my commute on the board.

Cool to see more options, and love that you reached out to the DIY community for feedback. brave! we can be a critical bunch, but i think you’ve gotten some good feedback.

I agree with @sl33py that 65kph is too fast for a commercial longboard, and there is a reason companies like Boosted Board do not let their board go up to that speed (apparently they limit it in the software) And with a board of this shape and design, going over a bump or curb could seriously damage the board, especially with the amount of material on the board.

65kph is “only” 40 mph. I say only in quotes because that speed is quite ludicrous but still achievable.

Scarlet could handle that speed if i was able to get the electronics to handle it. She’s been clocked at 38. But Scarlet is a 9ply rock maple longboard with a 27" wheelbase on 10" caliber II trucks and your choice of flywheels or kegals with a concave profile derived from things i’ve found in proper downhill decks.

This is none of that. This is something very different. I’d be terrified to take this thing over 30, but who knows, maybe it handles beautifully.

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Looks awesome. Give it speed settings of beginner, intermediate and advanced by maybe controlling RPM or some other variable. So 10-20, 20-30, and 30+ MPH. Give it a little more clearance for real street scenarios. Make sure the batteries are solidly built and I think you will find a market for daily commuters as well as weekend warriors.

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Forget the one finger controller and leaning to turn like a skateboard. If you’re going to get crazy, go bigger make the thing turn like a tank. Have two thumb controllers, one for the right side, one for the left. I would love to spin in place (then puke).

Piece of fruit to show how big it is.

It sounds nice with all these features, but all of that is making this board heavier. For me it looks like a cheap tuned little Peugeot with all this plastic and like others said, you have big wheels and destroy the clearance with these low-on-the-ground housings.

If you´d get rid of the front and back plastic things, the side-green-fly-something-spoilers and use your big wheels to get everything under the deck, it would probably looks really cool!

I want to ride one. I kind of have to know how it handles now.

Reminds me of the design aesthetic of an Formula One car with its open wheels!

as a designer I could tell you a lot, but you won´t like it.

looks like a ricer version of a skateboard :x

edit how tf did i find this thread? lmao it showed up on the bottom of my screen

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Looks more like a tuner to me :joy:

how about both XD its “got” power, so tuner

as for aesthetics… looks like it could be comparable to those bad lambo kits lmao http://d2p6rcax2lcn4u.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/worst-bad-Lamborghini-replicas.jpg

Lol like putting a bad lambo kit on a Bugatti Chiron :joy:

What happened to these boards? Never seen one nor heard any beep about the company. Are they still in the business?

The disc breaks are the best thing for me here, personally I think that 65 is way too much Is that on the front something like a gas pedal?

Anyways this is serious overkill and its cool I like overkill But I think that the price will be just way too much for most people.

Seems like they are testing them on their own or something. U can find info if.u search for faraday motion