[Help] Crush our Hyperboard - What can your futuristic e-board do?

Hey there guys,

We would like you to challenge our board concept. Be honest, we need some real feedback. We want to get inspired as well.

Some members of this community have critisized us for being a bit too far (design/format wise) from a board. We get it. B* ut this is something we want to be. An advanced lightweight electric vehicle (what do you think of this?).

There are some news. At Faraday Motion we have finally decided to release our advanced version of the board called ‘Hyperboard’. Now the main feature of this board is that it will be modular and upgradable. We plan to make the modules and upgrades individual build friendly as well as easy to use on our builds (quite a challenge, but doeble).

These are the hyperboards (they are driving but not for sale yet)

How the setup looks now:

  • Dual motor setup (back)
  • Front & back LED lights
  • Pressure sensor on the deck
  • Sensored motors
  • Accelerometer
  • 2 VESC
  • ‘The Brain’ - Teensy and NodeMCU microcontrollers running our software (available on github)
  • Interchangable controllers: Nunchuck or Smartphone with accelerometer
  • Top speed up to 65km/h
  • Front disk brakes
  • 3D Printable (Hyperboard, Spine)
  • Open mindset (3D designs, code, learnings)

We have the ability to connect up to 50 sensors. We have enought computing power to create modules with features like collision avoidance, user profiling (if a kid get’s on the board will act more child friendly), power profiling (e.g. if the asphalt is slippery the board acts more safe) etc.

Tell us what you think.

What features would you like on your boards? How do you feel about the looks? What do you with your board could do? What is your main challenge, annoyance of problem with your build?

I hope this will be a good discussion of what the new level of electric skateboards can be.

If you have any questions just write I’m here to answer.


Whoa dude, looks like a spaceship :smiley: I really like people who try new things out to change the way we ride. But this design doesnt looks nice for me. Its just way to much bulky plastic stuff. Dont get me wrong but, i dont think thats what the people want. Whats the weight of it?

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Is that gap in the front an air intake to cool down the electronics?

edit: sorry it’s the back of the board not the front, so I guess it’s not ^^

edit2: what do you use the accelerometer for?

Nice concept, I can’t imagine the effort that went into this.

The front (back?) looks a little low, I would worry about ramps, speed bumps and other road conditions. The size and thickness also make it look a bit unwieldy from a carrying perspective. I’m also not a fan of the high-gloss plastic, looks toy like.

I do like the drop deck, disk brakes and large wheels.

I think boards should strive for reliability (the size of skateboards and their wheels makes roads inherently tougher on them than other forms of transport), last at least 3 years, be simple to operate and fun to ride.

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I REALLY like the idea of dedicated brakes, and the open source mentality of the whole project. Also I concur, with @Monte, it looks like a spaceship.

But personally I prefer the slim design and single kick-tail of the Enertion CF deck. I also don’t think I would trust the durability of something with that much plastic.

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This is so funny because I was just saying to a friend yesterday how it would be cool to have futuristic sports-car-styled electric longboard. Guess it was only time… I had imagined a squished Koenigsegg looking thing, but yours also looks dope!! Spend a loads of time testing and perfecting your drive-train and software, as the feel/handling is as or more important than the aesthetics. Love it tho!! I’ll buy one :slight_smile:

Isn’t this that board (in this video)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWYBtbleH08

A little too bulky for my taste.


These are all just renderings, right? You said they run, I’m surprised you didn’t add any videos of it running.

Code is on github, can we get the url?

On a first look, a lot of things about it seem like something made by a 3D concept artist and not a technical person. Looks good, but a lot of questions come to mind, that’s why I’d like to see it running.

  1. low front clearance - apart from it looking like an F1, why have large wheels yet low clearance? Large wheels require more power, add weight, yet you don’t seem to reap important benefits of them. what is the tire material?

  2. the large part at the front of the board - what is it for? takes extra space, the board is fat, so you have a lot of space in the middle, why add this huge part at the front? this space could be used for additional leg room, but shouldn’t be at the front… are these motors? this brings me to the next point.

  3. low side clearance - how does this board turn? how are kingpins connected to the wheels? does it have kingpins at all? this piece has been evolving for a while, I’d be skiddish about significantly redesigning it, without loooooads of testing.

  4. you probably want grip tape on the sides, evolve GT carbon has a similar shape, and people are adding giptape by themselves.

and idea wise - you seem to be going for high tech smart board - awesome, would love to have an opensource board. if you use nunchack or mobile, you should add the screen to the board to view battery stats and such

you are mentioning sensors, it would be amazing if the board could turn by itself, I’d love to have a board that can follow me :smiley: make the hardware base, make it open, and people will make awesome things.

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it looks like a heavily modified onda core and it looks a lot bulkier than it should be with all of the plastic everywhere.

I don’t think I’d be comfortable on that at the advertised 65kmh.

It looks super cool but I own a Onda board (unpowered) and the wheels and trucks deliver shopping cart noise and performance.

I think if it had better trucks and pneumatics then high performance market would be interested.

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Why take big wheels and then screw the ground clearance up by putting alot of plastic?

Looks like formula F-1 to me… It also looks as if this board were meant to be driven autonomously not by the user…

Would love to see how this thing steers and how the belt / motor compartment looks… it seems belt is not fitted in the real life picture of the board.

I think the next major technical advancement for eboards would be smart suspesion, no idea how hard it would be to implement this…

some electromechanical brakes would be also great.

One of the mistakes that I made (and intend to rectify) on my boards was I didn’t have a sufficient kicktail to be able to use my foot on the back of the board to lift the front wheels and position the board (when not riding I mean), so I have to stoop down and pick up the front to turn it around on a trail, etc.

Looks like your board suffers the same problem.

Also, the front end looks just like my Prius.

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That’s the back-end. The pics are confusing.

Also, the back end looks just like the front end of my Prius :slight_smile:

I was thinking since there was a go-pro mount there it must be the front end, but I just looked and there are go-pro mounts on both ends.

Maybe one of the problems is the front and back look too similar. I’d hate to jump on a board thinking I’m going to go forward and have it shoot backwards when I fire it up.


i must say i like new things . But i must admit that you guys are reselling component at rediculous prices on the web shop . 65 euros for a turnigy 6s ? , correct me if i am wrong not trying to be a downer

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Been lurking for a while now, joined the forum just to say this looks awesome :smiley: Great job pushing the boundaries of DIY esk8.

My only request besides the existing complaints (low ground clearance, too much “stuff” sticking out the sides) - can you do one-way bearings on the drive wheels? Since you have front disc brakes (and who cares about regeneration, seriously) I would love to see one-ways for truly freewheeling… remove that motor/belt drag…

All my helis had them for autorotation, really surprised I haven’t seen one on an esk8 yet…


I love the look. How much does it weigh ? Also, on a side note, thank Vedder for us as without him…

i don’t know why… but it instantly reminded me of the APC from Aliens

I really have enjoyed watching the development of these things.

How do they handle rain and puddles and water in general? That’s a big concern in some areas. I’ve been commissioned with more than one board for which one of the requirements was “rain proof”, which can be challenging


Red lights, so clearly the Prius bumper is the back folks :smile: For me the bumper isn’t beautiful and like the people before I see more disadvantages. (How du you carry this monster? Or how do you pick it up?) Some kind of trunk to carry electronics I guess. That’s the challenge on e-skateboards: Pack all parts needed most esthetic in the smallest possible skateboard shape. As a former downhill guy I like the way Enertion and Ollin go, way more, but you wanted something different. Challenge accomplished, I guess :smile: The big wheels? I don’t know because I have never ridden an Onda(?) board before. As the Raptor arrived I was shocked about the wheels size, because for me 70mm where the way to go. Now I see the advantages of bigger wheels on electric skateboards and my next project will have 90mm wheels. So why shouldn’t ride wheels this big good as well? I hope someday I can try your board. You are in Germany too if I’m correct? Next thing I dislike on them is that everybody sees that your boards isn’t normal and on a second look they notice it has a motor. -> Illegal here! Wait! Horn, brake light, indicators and a second independent break?! You want to make this thing street legal, correct? After some issues with the law I would ride it when you make it legal here. :smile: How are the trucks on your board? Have you ever tested these trucks at the speeds you are talking? If you make it for carving with some kind of these horrible sidewinder trucks you will street you face very quickly! It’s easy to say 65 kp/h top speed, but not easy to ride them. Is somebody skateboard experienced in your team who has ever ridden that fast on a regular longboard? You should see what happens when you eat the street at those speeds. You need a good truck, some balls and honestly experience. All of that on an 3D printed skateboard?

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